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Rakul Preet Replied To People Trolling Her For Smoking In Manmadhudu 2 By Saying Some Very Confusing Things

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There’s nothing to stop people from commenting on everything you do. But while some celebrities take in their stride, some are sassy and will put trolls in their place. Recently actress Rakul Preet was brutally trolled because her character in a film smokes and also has had multiple relationships. The De De Pyaar De actress’ next film is Manmadhudu 2, where she will be seen essaying the role of a bold and carefree character named Avantika. So according to netizens, Rakul Preet’s character is a bad influence on young girls, because watching this will definitely make them to start smoking.

After all this drama created over just a smoking scene, everyone wanted to know Rakul’s response to this. The actress finally opened up and said,  “I don’t really get bothered by trolls. I think logo ka kaam hai kehna, kuch toh log kahenge. We are playing characters. Now, whether it is Kabir Singh… if Shahid is smoking in the film it does not make him a smoker. No way he is promoting smoking. He is playing a character Arjun Reddy that is flawed and he does those things. In real life Shahid Kapoor is a vegetarian, we all know that.”

Rakul Preet Gets Trolled For Smoking In Manmadhudu 2, People Say It’s A Bad Influence

Speaking about promoting smoking on-screen, Rakul said, “People should disassociate to what we are playing on screen is different and it is a story of that one person… we are not putting the entire girl clan into girls not showing in the right way. That’s not happening.”  Rakul added, “It is that one character Avantika that smokes and it’s her story. Once you see the film, people will know why she does. Treat it like the character…For me, it was something different. I really don’t pay attention to trolls…there are bigger and better things to do.”

No, we get that bit where this is just a character but we are not entirely sure what she means that Shahid smokes in the film but is a vegetarian in real life.  Are only non-vegetarians supposed to smoke? Is Shahid supposed to smoke? We are very confused.

It is funny that in Manmadhudu 2, even Nagarjuna  is seen in a not-so-good boy avatar and whose characters has been with multiple women but nobody is questioning that, even for a bit. Similarly people fell in love with Kabir Singh, called him a true hero and was allowed to smoke because he was heartbroken. All in the name of being in the “character.” But a woman doing the same thing isn’t great acting just promoting a vice, a bigger problem that the nation doesn’t need.

As soon as the trailer of Manmadhudu 2 got out, netizens expressed their concern over the character smoking and having multiple relationships in the film! The audience was not in favour of director, Rahul and his wife Chinmayi glorifying smoking in the film and said it would have had negative impact of young girls. The two are unfazed about the trolls and haven’t responded to any.

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Here are some of the response you must definitely have a look at!

Well, we are glad that Rakul Preet isn’t bothered by these trolls! What are your thoughts on the smoking drama?!


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