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A Pakistani Girl Yelled At Priyanka Chopra For Being Patriotic. PeeCee’s Response Was Powerful And Put Her In Her Place

August 12, 2019 | by Sadhika Sehgal
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Before this even became about patriotism, this was about being respectful. Look, we know celebrities are in the public sphere and subject to all sorts of scrutiny. From what they wear to what they say, everything is dissected.  And they know it to, they are probably used to it. So when the mike was handed to Ayesha Malik, we are sure Priyanka Chopra was expecting questions. But what happened was uncalled for but showed us another side to PeeCee. Ayesha is a Pakistani who was at BeautyCon Los Angeles.

First of all, this was a place for positivity, makeup and self-development. The time and place chosen by Ayesha to vent was entirely wrong. And then she lashed out at Priyanka Chopra, calling her a ‘hypocrite’ for putting out a tweet that supported the Indian army despite her being the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Ayesha also accused Priyanka of “encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan,” a claim that she did not substantiate.

Now, we’re not entirely sure why Ayesha chose this platform to voice her angst against our Desi girl, but that’s how the events unfolded. But then, Priyanka Chopra wasn’t going to take it lying down. And in a strong, powerful message, she shut her down. Priyanka said, “Are you done venting? Okay. War is not something I’m really fond of but I am patriotic, so I’m sorry if I hurt sentiments to people who do love me and have loved me. But I think that all of us have a, sort of, middle ground that we all have to walk. Just like you probably do as well. The way that you came at me right now… girl, don’t yell. We’re all here for love.”A

This was the tweet that had Ayesha all riled up. The actress had tweeted this on February 26 – she congratulated the Indian Air Force after Indian fighter jets attacked the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM)’s terrorist camp at Balakot in Pakistan.

But now Ayesha has come back to see Priyanka is making her look like the ‘bad guy.’ She went on to rant on Twitter about how Priyanka Chopra isn’t acting in a way that’s befitting a person of that stature.

We think Ayesha should stop. This wasn’t the right place and you can’t attack a celebrity to promote an agenda you believe in. Let’s calm down.



Sadhika Sehgal

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