6 Reasons Why Postcards Are The Travel Trend You Need To Catch Onto RN!

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These days, when I travel, my friends often ask me to update my Instagram stories or take pretty pictures for social media, so they can get their travel fix. Gone are the days when people expected a postcard, or a picturesque postcard from your vacay, ’cause who does that, right? Well, recently, I had a perspective shift. I met a traveller who sends postcards back to her friends, family, and random strangers she has met on trips, and her reasons were just so damn real!

A postcard is not just a beautiful picture on a piece of card paper. It is a sentiment that sums up your journey in a few words. And here’s why I think it’s time we bring it back.



1. They are the perfect way to tell someone you care!

Whether it’s a handwritten letter or a postcard, there is something magical about them that nothing materialistic can ever replace. If you send a postcard to your loved one from your trip, it only shows you’re thinking of them even when you’re miles away. The perfect way to show you missed them, no?

Trust me, when your peeps get your post, their happiness will feel oh-so worth it!


2. They can be DIY-ed! 

Even if you don’t want to buy postcards, you can make them out of your own cutesy pictures, and personalise them too. And if you’re feeling extra creative, try using them as invites… whether for your birthday party or even your wedding!




3. They make for great souvenirs.

And the cheapest. Well, postcards, and really lovely fridge magnets. A postcard, and a note to go with it, make for the best travel keepsake.

4. You don’t have to worry about carrying back heavy gifts for friends. 

Postcards have so much more meaning, and literally take no space in your luggage. Give them to someone who matters, or just put them up on your notice board with fairy lights! Maybe, create an album with them? Nothing will inspire you to travel more than looking at them.




5. They make for the perfect throwback post.

Before you call me self-obsessed, hear me out. If you post one to yourself while still on trip, chances are you’ll receive it only after you’re back, and once you see it, all those happy travel memories will come rushing back! It really is a feeling worth experiencing.

Oh, and sometimes postcards take weeks to get delivered, so they make for the perfect throwback post!

6. Nothing Says Thank You Like a Postcard!

Postcards are the best way to appreciate someone for their efforts, and say a quick but delightful thank you. Leave it on your colleagues desk, or slip it under your flatmate’s room… and see the joy that enfolds.



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