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Mardaani 2 Is Facing Backlash For Maligning The Name Of Kota. Seriously Guys, That Is What You Decide To Take Away From The Trailer?

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Every once in a while, Bollywood makes movies that are more than just the song and dance dramas that we usually get to see on the silver screen. Especially off late, when the kind of movies being made have relatively improved and we are finally consuming hard hitting content, that makes us come face to face with the affairs and it could be disturbing. An upcoming release that does just that, and brilliantly at that is the teaser trailer is Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani 2, that shows the story of a serial rapist in the city of Kota. Except, people have more pressing concerns than seeing the harsh reality- that of rape – and how easily the men who commit these crimes operate – as they have chosen to show their distaste over the use of the name of the city.

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The trailer for the have undertaken protests against the filmmakers saying that it puts the name of the city in a bad light. Saying how the name of the city of Kota are upset that the name of a real city is used is being used in a fictional set up. The residents of Kota have gone to the Lok Sabha Speaker and Kota MP Om Birla, demanding the retraction of the name from the movie. Because obviously that is more important than discussing a problem that we are facing as a country.

What is even more irksome is that in a time when talking about rape and the growing normalisation of a crime like that, we have people taking offence at a movie taking the name of their city. Clearly, people have larger concerns in life, the kind that honestly fly past us. And it’s not just about them issuing their dislike over it, what I can’t seem to get over is the fact that nothing even remotely close of this magnitude would’ve happened if it were simply a rape. No protests, no rallies, no wild media coverage would’ve come along had this been about just the crime, but for bad mouthing a city in a movie, we have people losing their shit almost instantly.

Rather than appreciating the intent of the movie and feeling agitated enough that such a thing should occur, we have people going up in arms over pointless matters and getting supported by politicians that claim an incident of sexual assault has never happened in the city and that the film shows Kota in bad light in front of the many students who come to the city for coaching. So let us get this right, not only are these social groups conveniently failing to recongnise the 20% rape crime rate of the city of Kota but also would rather not have a city’s name maligned, just so that they do not spook kids away. So much for guiding the youth in the right direction. They might as well claim that the city is inhabited by unicorns and angels if having no cases of sexual assaults is the kind of statement they want to stick with.

In fact, we even have politicians making statements like, “I will definitely discuss the issue with the concerned people. Maligning a city’s name through cinema is not acceptable. The incident on which the film is based is also fictional. So for a fictional story taking the name of a city is not right.” Because ruining the lives of women is still fairly acceptable, but calling a city out on it is just out of bounds.

India and almost every city in the country is guilty of failing its women in terms of crime and justice and rather than making a mountain out of a mole hill, it’s time we begin to address the real issues or if not that, then at least be decent enough to not trouble the ones trying to do that. The film that stars Rani Mukhrejee and is a sequel to the 2014 film Mardaani is set to release in December.

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