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Maanvi Gagroo Talking About Being A Plus-Sized Actress Is The Kind Of Body Positivity We Need!

November 13, 2019 | by Sadhika Sehgal

That Bollywood discriminates is no news. That it likes it’s women in a standard format- fair, skinny and dumb- isn’t surprising also. And while plenty of actresses have been showing these bullshit standards the door, there are many people from the industry to who continue to peddle these strait-jacket ideas as the norm.

From hearing stories about casting couch to favouritism and even discrimination, the film industry is knee-deep in issues that it mostly tries to fight on-screen, whereas the real struggle continues off the screen. A fact that has over the years been corroborated by many actors and actresses and recently by the Ujda Chaman actress Maanvi Gagroo, who opened up about her experiences in the showbiz and also essaying the role of a plus-sized woman in her latest release.

Like many other actresses who have had their share of traumatising moments in the industry trying to get work, Maanvi Gagroo too recalled a horrifying experience in a recent interview, where she shared one of her horrifying audition experiences.  She said, “I remember I had ran out of an audition that required me to do an attempt-to-rape scene in a sleazy office with just 2 men seated next in the room. The room, which they called as their office, also had a bed.” And to even imagine it makes us want to throw up. This is while we are resisting the urge to kick those sleazy men where the sun doesn’t shine.

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Not just quick on her feet in that moment, Maanvi Gagroo has always had an impressive pick of characters in all of her previous and current work. From having acted in web series like Tripling, Four More Shots Please, Made In Heaven, Maanvi has been one of the few actresses who actively picks up roles that don’t conform to a certain body type.  In fact, for her role in the movie Ujda Chaman, she said that it wasn’t a stereotypical Bollywood character, loud and desperate to hook a guy, incorporated for comic relief. Which is normally what these characters are reduced to. She said, “Overweight people are also normal.” And boy do we agree.

Talking about how her movie Ujda Chaman, she said it is not about falling in love with a balding man but also about highlighting the issues a woman faces in the society due to her size. We love how positive and real Maanvi is.

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Sadhika Sehgal

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