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Meet Jasmine Harrison, A 21-Year-Old British Woman Who Made History By Becoming The Youngest Female To Row Solo Across The Atlantic Ocean

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Whoever, in recent years, has said that women can’t do everything hasn’t been paying close attention to the news. They need to get their facts straight. In every field, women are smashing glass ceilings and breaking world records. After decades of oppression, being confined to the kitchen and being stuffed into stereotypical moulds by the patriarchal society, women are finally spreading their wings and conquering the world. Like this British woman, Jasmine Harrison, who just made history by becoming the youngest female to row across the Atlantic solo. How brilliant is this?

21-year-old Jasmine Harrison is a part-time swimming teacher and bartender from Thirsk, UK. She began her arduous journey across the Atlantic in December, departing from La Gomera in the Canary Islands. It took her 70 days, three hours and 48 minutes to reach Antigua. Her 3,000-mile journey was marked by some incredible difficulties. According to reports, Jasmine was minutes from crashing into a gigantic tanker and at some point, her boat was even tracked by sharks. Echos of her resilience and perseverance will resonate through history.

Jasmine’s arrival in the Caribbean was greeted with cheers and on Facebook, where she broadcasted crossing the finishing line. To commemorate the finishing of her journey, the 21-year-old stood in her rowing boat and lit flares. Her epic voyage is part of the annual Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, which features 21 teams of up to five people crossing the ocean. There are also eight solo competitors, including Jasmine.

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After arriving on the island, Jasmine explained that her experience was everything she wanted it to be. She said that her journey was marked with good and bad memories. Jasmine said, “There’s nothing like it, actually getting away from everything – social media, bad news, from literally everything.”

However, her voyage wasn’t a walk in the park. According to various reports, she was faced with several hurdles. Her boat capsized earlier this month and again two days ago, injuring her elbow. During the crossing, Jasmine would row for two hours and sleep for two hours on rotation. On the flip side, it was also filled with a lifetime of amazing memories. She got to swim with a pod of 40 Dolphins.

Jasmine Harrison was inspired to take up this journey and become the youngest female to cross the Atlantic solo after she witnessed the finish line of the event in Antigua in 2018 while she was on a holiday. She said completing this challenge became her “one true calling”. “I didn’t want to run a marathon, I wanted to row,” Jasmine said. “It’s not just about the rowing itself, it’s more about the challenge itself of being out at sea on your own and dealing with loneliness, routine, physicality.”

I can barely walk from one point to another, on the other hand, Jasmine rowed herself into all the record books. Not only that, but she also raised £10,000 (Rs 10,17,741) for charity. She is proof that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, regardless of gender. She said, “So many people think, because you’re young and female, you can’t do something. You can achieve your dreams, as big or small. If you want it go get it.”

This is so inspiring. Women like Jasmine Harrison are constantly setting new records and we are loving it!

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