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Indian Man In Dubai Lured By A Massage Offer, Robbed Of INR 55 Lakhs By 4 Nigerian Women!

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Back in the year 2011, we saw a hit film release in the theaters that starred actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma and was based on the story of a con artist aka Ricky Bahl. The movie that was about a series of long cons pulled by the character of Ranveer Singh, climaxed with the girls playing a con back at him to retrieve their stolen money and dignity. And while it was all fun and games in the movie, the same stunt pulled in real life can be quite dangerous. As was the case with a man in Dubai, who lost almost 5 to 6 lakhs of rupees to a gang of Nigerian women.

An Indian man, 33 years old and living in Dubai, was leading a normal and comfortable life up until one day when he was lured by a lucrative massage offer he came across via Tinder. Offering up a relaxing massage by “beautiful girls” at just Dh 200 or Rs 3,000, the promotional message was enough for a game of hook, line and sinker!

Calling the number that was provided in the advertisement, the man later found himself visiting a flat in Dubai where he believed he would be given a tranquilizing massage and be relieved of all of his tension. Except, what he was actually relieved of was his bank balance, as a gang of 4 Nigerian women, waiting for him there, robbed him.

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Holding him up at a knife point, the women threatened to kill him, slapped him and strong armed him into giving his credit card, iPhone and bank account details. The man recalled, “I saw four African women inside the apartment and gave them Dh 200. They asked me to open my bank’s application (on my mobile phone) and transfer money. They threatened me with a knife at my throat and slapped me on the face.”

Using his credit card to transfer all of Dh 30,000 which round up to approximately Rs 5,92,500 from his account to theirs, the Nigerian women then decided to keep him locked up in an apartment for a day, snatched his iPhone and then finally let the man go after they had gotten hold of all that they wanted.

The man who immediately went to the police after the traumatising incident, had the police jump up to action to catch the fraudsters. As of now, three of four women have been caught and arrested, of whom one has admitted to luring the man through tinder and then intimidating him. The police is still on the lookout for the fourth criminal. The three arrested have been booked for robbery, prostitution, issuing threats and keeping the victim forcefully confined.

Guess, the man got rubbed the wrong way!

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