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How To Remove The Most Common Household Stains (Wine Included!)

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Thanks to my inherent clumsy streak, knocking down a glass of wine at the dinner table or spilling a little ketchup on my shirt while I eat my fries is literally part of my to-do list. This is usually followed by hours of lecturing from my mom since she can’t seem to get those stains off of my clothes. If you’re a klutz too, I know you get it.

There are several stains that are a pain in the butt to remove, and no matter how hard you try to take them off, nothing seems to work. Well, these stain removal tricks are all you need to solve your life woes!


1. Lipstick Stains

Take a cotton ball, and use an acetone-based nail polish remover to blot away! Follow this up with a detergent solution wash. Those lipstick stains won’t stand a chance!


2. Wine Stains

A solution of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid can help remove wine stains. Either soak the stain in this solution or blot the stain using a sponge. Another alternative for wine stain removal is lemon and salt. Squeeze lemon juice onto the stain and let the acidity work on the stain. Then rub table salt onto the area, and voila!


3. Juice Stains

A red fruit punch stain is always difficult to remove. But here’s what you need to do. Use a sponge to blot the stain with a solution of dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and warm water. Keep at it till the stain is absorbed into the sponge!


4. Mustard or Ketchup Stains

Wash the fabric multiple times with detergent solution. Once the stain has reduced, you can rinse and dry it in sunlight.


5. Gum

This isn’t exactly a stain but it is a common problem that we all have, and have no clue about how to get it off! Well, it’s actually easy-peasy! Rub a cube of ice on the piece of gum. Then scrape it off once it hardens!


Hauterfly's Content Writer and Video Producer, Kreena is a sucker for all things DIY. In love with nail art, beauty, fashion, textiles, and all things creative under the sun, she follows the mantra: Why buy, when you can DIY?!

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