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7 Hacks To Help You Become Instagram Famous!

May 14, 2018 | by Kreena Desai
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If you’re having a particularly happy day, Instagram can serve as a perfect buzzkill. First, it looks like everyone is on a vacation at exotic places or owns makeup products that cost a years’ tuition. Then of course, there’s the validation that comes in the form of millions of likes and comments that swoon over that person. Yes, that should make your rethink your life choices. But if looking at all the popular blogger accounts with thousands of followers and a picture-perfect feed, makes you go, ‘I can’t do that!’, then you’ve another think coming.

There are several ways in which you can build an audience. You could start your day dreaming about a time when you upload a picture and get a 200 likes in 10 minutes. Or you could actually make that happen for you.  Here are 7 ways in which you can definitely step up your Instagram game and rake in the likes.

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1. Using Hashtags

You’re a millennial and you’ve probably thrown the actual word “hashtag” in a conversation or two. We suggest sticking to using them on social media. Hashtags help your image show up, when a person types that particular tag in the search bar. The more hashtags you use, the more likely it is that your image will show up in searches. If you don’t want your caption to be bombarded with hashtags, then leave them in the comments section below your picture.

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2. Photo Editing Applications

If you are bored of the regular filters, use photo editing apps. My favourite one is Snapseed, but some of the most popular FREE ones are VSCO, Aviary, Pixlr Express, Pixart, and a lot more. Use them to edit even a phone quality image to make it look high definition! Plus, you get score extra points for your image looking dreamy!

Download the Snapseed app here for an Android or an Apple device.

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Picture courtesy: Larissa Dsa

3. Work With A Visual Theme For Your Grid

Ever clicked on someone’s profile and got transported right into a scene of oceans, or hills, or pink cotton candy? It’s almost like you know this person, but through images. You can do it too, I mean, you should do it too! Use this app called Preview to plan your feed. You can upload all the images you want to add to your Insta feed onto Preview and swap them around so that the feed is visually appealing.

Download the Preview app here.

Inpost-insta hacks - tag your pics

Picture courtesy:  Prerna Mehra

4. Tag The Relevant Accounts

The way to win this game is to get noticed, and what better way to get people to notice your account than guiding their attention to your feed?! If you are posting about fashion/styling, then tag the designer or product that you are carrying so that they can notice it. In the same way if you are posting about food, travel, games, etc tag people who you would like to see your image and would like to engage with it.

Inpost-insta hacks - plan your post

5. Consistency Is Key

Be consistent with your upload schedule. It can be 3 posts a day, 1 post every 2 days or even 2 video posts every 3 days. Be consistent. Of course, you will want to take into account time and creativity roadblocks, but besides that, make sure you are consistent with posting.

Inpost-insta hacks - food blogging

6. Stick To A Topic

You want to be a little less all over the place on Instagram. Fashion is your thing? Awesome! Talk about it, post about it and offer up interesting information. Now say you eat something delicious and decide this must also make it to Instagram. Now, your feed has 4 styling posts interrupted by a thick shake.  Stick to a topic, like cooking, travelling, painting, etc. No matter how tempting a Belgian waffle looks, posting it in your feed full of art tutorials, definitely kills the vibe!

Inpost-insta hacks - put clickable link

7. Use The Clickable Link Option

If you are active on the web, on platforms other than Instagram, then drive your traffic to that source! A Youtuber or a blogger would definitely draw attention to their video or article through the link available in their bio. Guide your audience to that source and increase engagement with them.


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