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Hibiscus Monkey’s Comforter Has Helped Me With My Cramps And I Would Totally Recommend It

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These pesky things called periods -yeah, if someone’s listening – I would be fine if I didn’t have them. No one’s listening? I knew that. Okay, for the men who happened to stumble upon this article, let me tell you that we DO NOT exaggerate when we say that we are dying. Just imagine getting kicked in the balls, times two. Yep, that’s the amount of pain women have to go through every month.

Mine just welcomed itself and I was definitely looking forward to it. It’s kinda scary to not get your periods. When the periods arrive in all their glory, announcing with a sticky stain on my underwear, I am the happiest for the first two seconds and then I realise I have to live with it for the next 7 days, which quickly wipes the smile off my face.

Okay, I’ll admit periods aren’t that bad. I mean, mother nature is doing its thing and keeping our health in check and that’s actually nice, considering how in return we are fucking it up. *inserts Greta Thunberg’s video here*. What I absolutely hate about periods are the cramps. Besides the staining, the back pain and the feeling that you’re living on the edge when your pad is even slightly full.

I was in the 5th grade when I got my first period (I know, I was pretty young). Even though I was informed in advance about periods, I didn’t pay attention, and still threw a shit-fit about why it happened to me or why I was the chosen one. My mum simply laughed and said that it happens to every woman and that it’s natural. Little did I know that this was only the beginning. As I mentioned, I was a heavy flow-er and till today, nothing has changed. The problem with flowing heavy is that the cramps are worse. Also, I have tried home remedies for periods but nothing really works.

I remember this one time, it was the season of board exams for 10th grade and I was done with my Marathi paper and came back home after which I got cramps that sucked the life out of me. It’s a surprise I survived. I may sound a little dramatic, but the story is based on true events. I also remember rolling on my bed crying for death or help, whichever came to me first.


From warm water bags to pills; nothing ever really worked for me. I had learned to accept the reality of living with these deadly cramps forever and ever till I came across Hibiscus Monkey. The name sounded very quirky to me too. I was introduced to their Comforter. First of all, I would like to say, God bless whoever created this product.

The comforter is basically a roll-on that will help with your cramps. I had already gotten the product and was just waiting for my periods to arrive and so it did at 4 AM in the morning. I knew I was cramping which meant aunty flow had arrived, but I really didn’t have the strength to wake up. But eventually, I did because I had to go to the gym. Ugh. Knowing that I had already missed a week of the gym because of my back pain, I couldn’t miss it anymore.

I remembered I had this product that claimed to help with cramps in my bag and thought of giving it a try. I will be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how this thing worked. Like did I have to apply it on my arm and that will get my mind off the cramps or just directly apply it on my lower abdomen? Turns out it was the latter one. I pulled the stick out and gently started to apply to my lower abdomen.

The smell of it was soothing. I was almost about to fall back to sleep, mostly because it was early in the morning and I was period-ing. This product is infused with essential oils like peppermint, lavender, cypress, and geranium and also pure coconut oil. Just the sound of these ingredients coming together is amazing, so you can only imagine how deliciously fragrant it was.

This stick doesn’t work instantly so be very patient and don’t lose your shit, but also be realistic. It doesn’t completely take away the pain. You’ll have the pain but lesser and bearable. Enough for you to not roll on the floor and cry. And trust me when I say I was able to gym easily.

The best part about this roll-on is that it’s only for Rs. 465. Its tiny packaging can not only fit into your bag but also your pocket and is paraben-free. So there you have it. A BFF that has got your back in any cramping situation.


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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