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English Acid-Attack Survivor Katie Piper Appreciated Chhapaak’s Trailer. It’s Great That The Movie’s Impact Has Gone Across Borders

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This is a very bittersweet time in our country. Bitter because of all the heinous unimaginable things that are happening around us and sweet because finally, no one is taking things sitting down. Agreed, in every sphere, we have never been a worse place and if you think about it, in a better space as well.  But at least now there is awareness and conversations. We’re willing to take what is being handed to us – the crimes, the laws, the rulings- we are fighting, as we should.

If you think about it, we owe a large part of this to cinema. Movies are the only medium that has a reach all the way down to our grassroots and I am so glad we are finally using that power with movies like Chhaappak.

When the trailer dropped a few days ago there was not one person who wasn’t talking about it. Meghna Gulzar couldn’t have been more correct when she Deepika Padukone would be a revelation in the movie. She brings to life the character of Malti, inspired by the life of acid-attack survivor Lakshmi Aggarwal. Malti takes us through the medical and legal battle of Lakshmi, who not only rose above this heinous crime but also made it her life’s mission to save other women.

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The trailer itself received global acclaim from everyone who watched it. Including English activist and acid-attack survivor Katie Piper who not only reposted the trailer but also penned down a heartfelt note to Deepika telling her about how the trailer “took her breath away”.

Katie took to social media to let the world know that she had to watch the trailer a bunch of times to let it all sink in. Her appreciation read “Chhapaax @deepikapadukone new movie Watching this trailer took my breath away. I had to watch 3/4 times for it all to sink in. This film explores what it really means to survive an acid attack in Indian. Based on true events the film follows Malti’s traumatic medical journey and her fight for justice in a legal battle against her attacker a man who couldn’t cope with her rejecting his advances. Malti’s face is permanently scarred but not her spirit, that is unbreakable. An untold story of trauma and triumph.”

An acid attack is so unfathomably monstrous, just thinking about it can give any woman chills down her spine. That is why to all the acid attack survivors globally, people like Katie and Lakshmi I just want to say we are so immensely proud of the way these women are fighting tooth and nail to spread more awareness, to make an actual difference so other women don’t have to go through it.

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In reply to Katie’s post, Deepika replied saying “Thank You so much for your shout out Katie and I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.”

For all those who don’t know, Katie Piper is an activist who is rallying against acid attacks in England. She herself is an acid attack survivor. She was attacked in 2008 by an ex-boyfriend and his accomplice who are currently serving life sentences. She was left severely burnt and blinded in her left eye. However, just like Lakshmi, Katie has not let these attacks define her. A former model, she went on to become a TV presenter for Channel 4. She really is one of the most inspirational women in the world.

Let us do our parts in ensuring they succeed in their fights. Chhapaak is a movie with a story that is so powerful it might just have the impact we need universally to do away with acid attacks altogether. We are so glad it is resonating with people all over the world.

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