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Denmark Prime Minister Postpones Her Wedding For The Third Time. She Prioritised Her Country And That’s Inspiring

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White lilies, vintage table cloths, a pastel theme, a bright day on a crisp winter morning. I dressed floating around bedecked in a gorgeous (close to a Sabyasachi) outfit, my to-be husband looking as ravishing as ever, and we’re surrounded by the tinkling laughter of friends and family. These are just some things off of the top of my vision board I have created for my wedding day, since I was a little girl. This was when I would steal my mother’s dupattas that made for the perfect makeshift wedding couture.

Of course a few details have found themselves being replaced over the years, subject to the changing trends and the changing boyfriends, but if tomorrow someone were to tell me that my wedding won’t even be close to what I have dreamed of, I’d probably throw a fit. Scratch that, not probably, most definitely. Which brings me to think of all the pandemic brides, who had planned their special day in this is not so special year, and yet made it work. Just as Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who too is trying to plan her wedding, all the while also running a country.

Thank to the pandemic that is showing no signs of abating, nothing is definite or certain anymore. And so, as people and plans are stuck in this weird limbo, as are PM Mette Frederiksen’s wedding plans. She has now postponed her wedding for the third time due to the upcoming EU Summit.

Jeg glæder mig så meget til at blive gift med den her fantastiske mand. Men helt let skal det åbenbart ikke være, og nu…

Mette Frederiksen यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, २५ जून, २०२०

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“I am really looking forward to marrying this fantastic man. But obviously it can’t be that easy, and now there is a council meeting in Brussels called, exactly on that Saturday in July when we had planned to marry,” shared the Denmark Prime Minister on a post on Facebook with a picture with her fiancé Bo.

She continued to write, “But I have to do my work and take care of Denmark’s interests. So we have to change plans again. Soon we should be able to get married. I’m looking forward to saying yes to Bo (who fortunately is very patient).”

The EU summit is scheduled to be held in the presence of 27 heads of the member states is to discuss a recovery plan from the Covid-19 crisis and come up with a new strategy and budget for the same. A matter of international concern, that has clearly preceded ovr all wedding plans and left us inspired. At a time when everyone is looking out just for themselves, women in power like Mette Frederiksen, Jacinda Arden and the likes of them are setting the precedent by doing their bit in keeping their people and country safe and we think that’s commendable.

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