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Sabyasachi Gets Trolled After Rani Mukerji And Ranveer Singh Are Spotted Wearing The Same Kurta. We Love How Unisex His Clothing Is!

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The thing about being famous and being accomplished in any industry is that it requires you to give up some things – privacy, the opportunity to have chaat at a roadside stall and that people will constantly be poking their nose in your business.  And that’s how it works. Take designer Sabyasachi for example, the ace designer with international recognition may be the talk of the town every year during the wedding season and otherwise, but is still scrutinised intensely and trolls will leave no tweet unturned to call him out on anything he may do – though it may not be entirely his doing also. As has been the recent case with him, as he got trolled after Rani Mukerji and Ranveer Singh sported the same kurta from Sabyasachi’s collection.

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The kurta first made an appearance on Gully Boy actor, Ranveer Singh on the occasion of his one year anniversary with wife Deepika Padukone – the floral kurta looked extremely smart on the actor and more so, befitting for his visit to the Golden Temple. And knowing Ranveer Singh, there is hardly anything the guy cannot pull off. But trolls were up in arms when Mardaani actress Rani Mukerji was too spotted in the same piece, paired and styled differently with an organza dupatta and gold Kolhapuri slippers. The actress too, looking beautiful in the ensemble and did complete justice to the Sabyasachi couture piece, but seems like the unisex clothing didn’t sit very well with netizens.

Calling Sabyasachi out on using the same cloth for designing couture pieces for celebrities, hailing from different sexes no less, the designer was trolled for reasons that made absolutely no sense. In fact, his clothes proved how gender neutral clothing is not just limited to the ramps and store collections, but is also out there for all of us to wear and embrace.

However, the trolls on Sabyasachi’s Instagram were of a slightly dated point of view as they wrote things like, “Sabyasachi SB ko ek jeasa dikhta hai,” and “Wasn’t @ranveersingh wearing the same outfit? Sharing is caring,” on his recent post. What people need to understand here is that fashion is a lot of things and being gender neutral is one of them. In fact, a lot of designers that use such expensive cloth in making their garments, always put it to use and make as many pieces as they can out of the same cloth, giving birth to a new collection. So the entire fuss about him making every celebrity look the same, is nothing but him as a designer trying to be wholesome and using his resources in as many varied ways as possible and well, doing a damn good job while at it.

And if at the end of the day, the celebrities sporting such looks are more than happy about the way they’ve carried themselves, there is no need for people to drop in with their unsolicited comments. After all, it’s the 21st century and men and women are entitled to wearing what they please, be it a boyfriend’s jeans or a woman’s kurta. And if you were paying through your nose for a great piece of work, you’d use it at several places. Okay? Okay.

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