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10 Things To Know Before You Go For The Coldplay Concert

November 18, 2016 | by Japleen Kaur
Coldplay Concert Mumbai_Hauterfly

The most-awaited event of the year is just a day away and you can already feel the excitement in the air. Coldplay is finally going to play at the MMRDA grounds tomorrow at Global Citizen’s event, putting all speculations to rest. If you have friends who are going for the concert, you know that there will be a WhatsApp group constantly buzzing with what to do, when to reach, how to go and so on. All the 80,000 people who will be at the grounds on Saturday want to make it the best day of their life. And considering the madness that our lives have been since the cash ban, we all deserve it.

But, for a concert as big as this one, you have to be prepared. Most of you may already have a checklist, so scroll down to see if ours matches yours!



1. Be On Time

The concert starts at 1:30 pm and the gates open at 10:00 am. I suggest you reach as soon as you can to get the best view. For once, you can sacrifice a little sleep and wake up early, right? Plus, with the traffic issues in Mumbai, it is just safer to start early. Gates will close at 4 pm but you don’t want to miss the start as Arijit Singh and Demi Lovato will be performing in the first half of the concert.



2. Eat A Heavy Breakfast

This is one of those days when you will realise why brekkie is the most important meal of the day. Sure, there will be food stalls but considering the crowd and price of the food, it is advisable to go with a full tummy.


Comfortable Shoes_Hauterfly

3. Wear Comfy Shoes

This goes without saying! In order to stand in the heat all day long, wear the most comfortable shoes that you own. Ditch those heels and wear ’em sneakers — after all, they are totes on-point too.



4. Know The Playlist

If you don’t already, commit all their songs to mind. Chris Martin and gang are doing a 90-minute set, so it’s pretty clear that they will perform most of their songs. Singing along with them will just make this that much more fun.



5. Don’t Forget The Other Artists

A major part of the event will be our very own Bollywood stars. Don’t neglect them — enjoy the performances, dance to the tunes, make the most of it and, in the end, the bonus is Coldplay.  Anyway, we Indians love our Bollywood; don’t act too cool and deny it.


Power Bank_Hauterfly

6. Carry A Power Bank

You gotta show off when you are at a Coldplay concert, right? In order to do that, your phone battery needs to last the whole day. Carry your power bank and make sure your phone is alive to Snapchat the band! Also, being a crowded event, you might just lose your friends (it can happen!).


Drink Water_Hauterfly

7. Stay Hydrated

Keep drinking water or juice so that you don’t faint – don’t make your friends choose between you and the concert. Jokes apart, it is very important for you to stay fit in a crowded area like the MMRDA ground. Keep sipping and singing!



8. Be Ready To Face The Sun

Sunscreen? Check. Cap? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Lip Balm? Check. Smile? Super check! You cannot carry backpacks, so try to fit everything into a small sling. Girls, your packing skills are being put to the test here.



9. Remember Your Manners

It is going to be hot, super crowded, and people are going to get cranky. Make sure you are not one of them. Be polite, patient, calm, and enjoy as much as you can! Don’t forget that everyone will be there for the love of music.



10. It Is Not All Music

There are going to be speeches and sessions by politicians and other celebs, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Please remember that, in the end, it is for a good social cause. Respect that!

This one is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, guys! Make the most of it.

Japleen Kaur

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