Chanel To Begin Producing Face Masks To Combat The Shortfall In France As The Coronavirus Situation Gets Worse

One of my favourite quotes in the whole world is “every cloud has a silver lining”. It always gives me hope no matter how bad the situation is, there is an underlining of something good. Okay, you know I am talking about the coronavirus, which is currently taking over the world like a supervillain. However, and this just might be the optimist in me, but even these circumstances have a silver lining.

It is no secret that right now humanity is struggling, who saw this day coming, right? But with these new circumstances, I have observed that people are kinder to one another. Look, if there is anything humanity is horrible at, it is getting along with one another. But as soon as this corona storm blew in, everyone is trying to help everyone out and it is kind of beautiful to watch. That is the silver lining.

Like for example, most of the fashion industry has come together and is trying their hardest to help out medical professionals who are fighting at the frontlines for us. They have reprogrammed their factories to make masks and sanitizers. They are trying to prevent the shortfall in masks and sanitizers which I think is an amazing gesture. Earlier, we had done a story about how the parent company of Louise Vuitton LVMH, had started making masks and sanitisers to distribute in France. And now it seems like yet another uber-luxury brand has come forward to help the increasingly horrible situation that France is in right now.

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In this hour of need, Chanel, the latest brand to join this fight against coronavirus, will be making face masks and gowns to combat the shortage of essential medical equipment.

Chanel president of fashion Bruno Pavlovsky said “Today, we are mobilising our partner manufacturers and teams, including close to 150 sewing specialists from the Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Maisons d’Art workshops, to produce protective face masks and gowns.”

He also confirmed that they have “started approval processes with public authorities” and will “launch production as soon as the prototypes and raw materials have been approved”.

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But this isn’t the only way Chanel is trying to help during these pressing times. The brand has also confirmed that they are going to retain their staff of 8,500 people in France and pay them their salaries for full eight weeks. They have also donated 1.3 million euros to an emergency fund for the public hospital system in Paris.

Isn’t it really amazing to see top luxury fashion labels just come together to fight this deadly virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people?

It is very important that we all do our part in this fight, and Chanel should be an inspiration to all the other brands.

Mitali Shah

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