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Bridal Checklist: 10 Important Things A Bride Should Pack For Her Destination Wedding

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Whenever I am travelling anywhere, I tend to pack things that I don’t end up needing during the trip. I carry extra outfits, more accessories, my hairdryer and practically my entire vanity! I end up carrying a big suitcase for a 4-day trip. Clearly, I am not a light traveller. The thing is that I like feeling prepared and organised; that way, I am less anxious. I always make an exhaustive checklist and never lose out on anything except space in my suitcase. So I understand how important it is to have everything at hand, when it’s your own destination wedding. In that case, it will be nothing short of a disaster. Even something as small as a safety pin can save the day, and you need to carry your tools. Which is why, since I am nice and all that, I made a list for you of things you need to pack for your destination wedding. Now these aren’t your obvious things such as bridal lehenga, jewellery, rings etc. These are things that most brides are likely to forget packing so take note!

  1. Documents

Take print outs of your visa and passport copies, if applicable and keep them in your carry-on luggage. In fact, take print outs of your contact details and hotel address in each of bags, just in case it gets mixed up. Also, keep the copies of all your vendor contracts because  if there’s an argument about something, it may be useful.

  1. Cash and card

There are always last minute expenses and even though everything is accounted for, keep your debit/credit card handy. If you’re travelling international, check if you can use your card abroad. Else, get enough currency and a travellers’ pre-loaded card from your bank.

  1. Extras in your bridal trousseau

You have every detail of your look planned for each and every function and you’ve packed accordingly. But in case of accidents, keep at least one outfit in standby. Carry extra blouses to go with your saree. What if there aren’t any stores around where you’re headed? You can’t turn up at your mehendi in your pyjamas!

  1. Beauty essentials

This is not a time to experiment with new products; so even if there’s a beauty store around you, stick to your basics. Carry a couple of hydrating sheet masks that you’ve tried and tested. It will help soothe your skin at night and prep you for the next day’s madness. That brings me to the most important thing – a good makeup remover! Residual makeup can lead to breakouts and we don’t want that. Also, you can carry your makeup essentials: primer, foundation, concealer etc and the lipsticks you’ve zeroed on. Yes, even though a makeup artist will have these.

  1. Medicines

With so much going on, you’re likely to get bodyaches and weakness. So carry a muscle relaxant, painkillers for cramps and headaches, medicine for nausea and loose motions as well as a paracetamol. Also pack in medicines for acidity, because there’ll be a lot of spicy food to binge on. Pack some sachets of oral rehydration salts, so you remain energetic through it all.

  1. Shapewear and lingerie

Wearing the right shapewear and lingerie under your outfits will enhance the overall appeal. So plan in advance and to don’t forget to pack those in!

  1. Swimsuit

A bride can steal some moments for herself and jump in the pool to chill with her entourage. Pack your swimsuit even if you think you won’t find the time to go to the pool. What if you do?

  1. Toiletries (even if your hotel provides it)

Your destination wedding is not the time to change your shampoo, conditioner and face wash. Carry your own and use what’s never given you any allergies.

  1. Quick snacks (dry fruits etc)

You may not have enough time to grab all the meals and there’ll be a lot of running around. So carry healthy snacks that you can have on-the-go, like dry fruits and protein bars.

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  1. Outfit fixers

This is a no-brainer and yet, we tend to forget these things. Carry safety pins, sewing kit, a clear nail polish (to fix loose sequins) and double sided tape to fix your outfit when needed.

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