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Blogger Recreates Travel Pictures Using Household Items Because 2020. It’s Hilarious And Relatable

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This year has truly been a series of unfortunate events. From the pandemic to the crackdown on Bollywood, the atmosphere has been extremely tense all year. However, personally, what hit me hardest were my spoiled travel plans. Thanks to the coronavirus that is haunting us all, the farthest I have travelled is from my bed to the living room couch. Although my imagination has been all over the world. Which is why when I stumbled upon the Instagram feed of this blogger, I related so hard. She has recreated some of the best travel photos posted by bloggers and influencers using household items. It’s hilarious because this is what travelling looks like in the “new normal”. Posing with rolls of toilet paper and towels is the closest you can get to a vacation. 

 Just the other day, my friend and I were bitching about the coronavirus. You know, the same conversation everyone has had for months now. And she asked me if I could be anywhere in the world right now, where would I be? I told her mentally I am chilling on a beach, soaking in the sun and sipping chilled beer in Bali. We’re all elsewhere mentally, aren’t we? Our imagination is our only escape now. Well, that and social media. On the good days, you come across things that brighten your sullen mood. Like these recreated travel photos. 

Sharon Waugh, from Cape Town, South Africa has been recreating some of the most mesmerizing travel photos posted by travel influencers. And she has done it in the most hilarious way possible. From the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower and from sitting on mountain tops to swimming in cute bikinis, she has duplicated these pictures using only household products. Have you ever seen a version of the Taj Mahal made from toilet paper rolls? Well, prepare yourself. 

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Check out the pictures:

So travel photos got more interesting, if done this way, we don’t mind double tapping it, right?

This is just so amusing. Not to mention incredibly creative. I don’t think I have related to anything so much in a while. My favourite picture is the one of her swimming on her bed in her PJs. This lockdown really has forced everyone to come up with much more entertaining content and we are all for it.

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