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Bhumi Pednekar Does Her Bit In This Fight Against Coronavirus, Donates Footwear To Migrant Workers.

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My mother tells me it is how a person treats other people during distress and turbulent times, that speaks about their character and integrity. We can all be our best selves when we are in situations that are faring well for us, but it is how we choose to act and react when the times are tough that will truly speak of who we are as individuals. And in that regard, the last few months have been  an eye opener to a lot of us, considering living life during a pandemic hasn’t come easy to anyone, and ironically enough, the masks have come off just as much as they have come on.

Suddenly, there has been a clear distinction made between people who are just thinking of their own safety, or not thinking of it, even if it comes at a heavy cost to others, while others have been empathizing with the lesser privileged during the situation and doing their bit to make things better. As has been the case with the Pati, Patni aur Woh actress Bhumi Pednekar, who recently decided to donate footwear among the migrant workers travelling back home.

Going above and beyond just monetary aid in the coronavirus fund, Bhumi Pednekar along with the volunteer groups from around areas of Ghaziabad in Murad Nagar, Govindpuram and Vijay Nagar, decided to reach out to over 1000 labourers and distribute pairs of footwear to them, as a basic necessity that most of them lacked.

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Bhumi was moved after witnessing the plight of migrant workers, travelling on foot for thousands of kilometres to reach home back to their family, safe and sound and the actress wanted to do something to help them. She came up with the idea of supporting them in a way she found apt. Not just this, the actress also has been providing other essentials like food and medicines to the needy and even urged her fans to help those who are the most vulnerable during this lockdown.

And to see her among many others, step up and use their resources and fame for a good cause, doesn’t just revive our faith in the goodness of people, but also evokes hope in our heart. From Sonu Sood to now Bhumi Pednekar, it is heartening to see that there a select few celebrities who don’t just have popularity, but also a heart to help out those in need. And for that, they need to be applauded, no matter how big or how small the gesture is. After all, every drop counts!

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