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Anushka Sharma Is Asking For Severe Punishment For The Men Who Raped A Child. We All Need To Stand Up For This!

August 02, 2019 | by Akanksha Narang

You know that feeling when you experience so much disgust, that you just aren’t able to find the words to express yourself? When you’re so shaken, your head is not able to wrap itself around the situation? I would really like to say that I am shocked, but girls are raped more frequently than they are born in some parts of our country. And this is the saddest part of it that we are not in disbelief when a 3-year-old was raped. Deeply saddened, shaken, disgusted, wanting to give up on humanity, wanting to behead the people who did this to her…but not in disbelief.

In January 2018, an eight-month old baby was raped in Delhi by her own cousin. In an incident, 17 men came together to rape a 12-year-old child in Chennai. It’s been established that we have monsters living among us. I wouldn’t even like to include these men in our species, because humans are supposed to have a conscience, right? These are monsters who probably shame women for their clothes openly, go around groping several women during the course of their day, destroy another human in the most inhuman way, and then go home and sleep like nothing happened. They wake up, have their breakfast, go to work and interact with other people, hiding away the monster that lies beneath. Until they are arrested and it’s out in the open.

If you aren’t aware of what happened last Friday, be prepared to feel like someone ripped your heart out. A 3-year-old girl was raped at midnight July 25 at Tatanagar train station in Jharkhand, when she was sleeping next to her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Two men, kidnapped the child, took her to a location a few miles away and raped her. When the child started screaming, one of the men took a sharp weapon and beheaded her. The boyfriend was involved in it too.

Anushka Sharma, who often stands up for causes on Twitter, posted, “A 3-year-old girl who was sleeping besides her mother at a railway station was kidnapped, gangraped and beheaded in Jamshedpur. This is so inhuman and vile, it is literally making me shake in anger. Absolutely horrifying.” We need more influential people talking about these things and screaming about issues that plague our society. Let me make it clear, this is not to grab eyeballs or latch onto a Bollywood actress’s popularity. But guess what, when a person with so many followers says something, especially from Bollywood, the country listens! That’s how it is and which is why I’d like to urge celebs to use this power for causes that really need attention. We don’t need to hear Rangoli Chandel’s useless accusations on randomly-selected celebrities.

The PK actress further tweeted, urging the authorities to give severe punishment to the criminals. She wrote: “I hope and wish and urge justice is brought upon this atrocity at the earliest. And punishment so severe that anyone else shudders to commit such a heinous, demonic crime! (sic)”

At this point, I also want to line up all those people who blame the woman and ask them, was it the child’s fault? Was it because she was wearing short clothes? Flaunting her body? Flirting with men or going out partying? Was it because she didn’t call the men “bhaiyya”? Is this why there wasn’t any girl born in 132 villages in Uttarkashi in the last three months? Because apparently, if you’re born with a vagina, everything is your fault, right?

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The accused have been arrested, and like Anushka Sharma said, they should be given severe punishment. And apparently, one of them was earlier arrested for kidnapping and attempting murder of a child back in 2015. Were they waiting for another incident to occur? Goes beyond me.

Akanksha Narang

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