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Anup Jalota Says Jasleen Matharu’s Dressing Would Not Sit Well With His Family. But Sexual Assault Was Fine?

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If you would’ve asked me two years ago what I thought of the misogyny that exists in our industry, I would not know what to tell you. Today, with social media and somewhat successful movements like #Metoo, there has been some movement forward but it’s barely made a dent. But the rot runs deep.  Chauvinistic men take advantage of their stature, and that’s just way the cookie crumbles. The latest example comes from Anup Jalota. In an attempt to put certain rumours to rest, he passed a sexist comment about Jasleen Matharu. To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised. Are you? After all this time he is one of the people we can expect this kind of behaviour from.  

Anyway, let me start from the beginning. Anup and Jasleen appeared on a prior season of Bigg Boss together. Since they were extremely cozy-cozy with each other, it was initially reported that they entered the show as a couple. But later, it was confirmed that they shared a ‘guru-shishya’ relationship. Erm, sure. Now, they recently made headlines when a picture of them wearing a wedding attire went viral. Many speculated that Anup and Jasleen had gotten married. 

Here comes the twist though. In a recent interview with Zoom, Anup clarified that the pair hadn’t gotten married and that picture was from their upcoming movie Woh Meri Student Hai in which he plays her father.  Anup added that he wouldn’t marry her even if he was 35 because her clothing and lifestyle would not sit well with his family. 

He said, “Her modern and glamorous dressing wouldn’t have been appreciated in my family culture. “I am just saying it wouldn’t have gone down well with the people around me. Hum toh dhoti-kurta wale hain (dhoti-wearing man) who sings devotional songs. How would Jasleen’s avatar have been in sync with that?” 

Okay, first of all, this is where the patriarchal mentality that flows so freely in our country comes to play. How is her “modern” dressing a factor when it comes to marriage? So, women who don’t dress in salwar kameez and sarees can’t get married because they don’t fit in the culture? It’s men like him that propagate the horrid Indian mentality. Secondly, I have an important question. How did him being accused of sexual assault sit with his family and their culture? You see, I ask this because I find his words very hypocritical. It’s almost as if blaming her dressing. What about the fact that he was an accused in the MeToo movement? Did that bother his family as much as Jasleen’s dressing would’ve? 

For all those who might not remember, Anup Jalota was accused by a TV actress of sexual assault in 2018. The actress alleged that he professed his love for her and promised her they would get married and even enter the Bigg Boss house together. Of course, none of that happened. 

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Anup and Jasleen have made a lot of sensational headlines together. But his comment left us wondering how they could share a “guru-shishya” relationship. What mentor what say something so offensive about his student? Misogyny was dripping from his words. Besides, I actually want to know why he is talking about her dressing anyway. There are several various ways to debunk the rumour. Why did Anup choose to comment on her dressing and how it would not sit well in his culture? What she wears does not define her. 

It’s because of men like Anup Jalota, who feel they can pass comments like these, that we are stuck in this endless loop between progressing and sticking to our old mindset. 

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