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A Woman Was Conned Out Of Rs 7 Lakh By A Guy She Met On A Matrimonial Website. We Need To Be More Careful Online

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We live in a virtual bubble called the internet. Yes, it’s fun and we depend on it for our every little need, but, if you aren’t careful and extremely alert all the time, it could lead to a lot of trauma. You see, today’s world is not for the naive and trusting. I believe it’s a dog eat dog world and you can only rely on yourself to make the right choices. The anonymity that the internet provides is an excellent set up for people who earn a living by duping others. 

You have to on edge all the time about what data you’re sharing online, who is tagging you in what picture and whether the random stranger that’s chatting you up on Tinder is actually who he says he is. Of course, after all the awareness that is being spread about phishing, honey trapping and duping, everyone is careful. But, are we careful enough? 

Take this woman from Bengaluru, for instance. In her quest to finding an NRI husband, she got conned out of 7.23 lakh. 

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The 27-year-old woman is a resident of Varthur. She has filed a complaint against the people who duped her. According to the complaint, she was on a matrimonial site, groom hunting. She matched with a man named Ashish M (if that’s even his real name), who claimed to be a resident of The Netherlands. 

In her complaint, the woman said, “Meanwhile, a woman called me and claimed that she is Monika Manish, Ashish’s mother. She said she was working as a nurse in a hospital. She also said that she will fly out to India with her son to discuss the wedding and meet the family.” 

She further added, “On the day of their arrival, I received a call from someone who introduced himself as an official from the Customs Department. He informed me that both Ashish and Monika were arrested and asked me to transfer some money. In five transactions, I transferred a total of Rs 7,23,600.”  

After she made the transfer, both Ashish and the woman claiming to be his mother cut all connection with the complainant. 

The police say that the victim and Ashish made contact in December 2019 and the actual con took place in January. It just really shocks me that someone would transfer Rs 7 lakh to a person they knew for barely a month and had never really met. I guess love does make you do all sorts of naive things. But to what extent? 

The police are still on the lookout for the man claiming to be Ashish. They said, “The woman filed the complaint after all her efforts to contact Ashish went in vain. It’s clear that Ashish has approached the woman with an intent to cheat her and has cooked up the arrest story. We have taken up a case based on her complaint.” 

Phishing is very common. It’s so common that Netflix made a whole show about it- Jamtarait. It’s very interesting, the show, not the concept. 

I think it’s time we stop taking people on face value and we definitely need to stop trusting every person we meet. Online or otherwise.

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