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A Man Beheaded A Woman And Carried Her Head To The Police Station Because He Suspected She Practised Witchcraft. There’s No End To Superstition In This Country

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Violence against women are on the rise but that’s not news to you. While the numbers increasing is definitely a worry, it is the utter inhuman nature of these crimes that is appalling.

Another gruesome act to have added to this list is an inhumane murder of a 55-year-old woman by a man in Mehandipur village in Jharkhand. He chopped off the woman’s head because he suspected she had taken his son’s life by witchcraft. That’s right, witchcraft. Yes, we are in 2020. And yes, this is still happening.

And not only this, he then carried her head to the police station and the weapon he wielded to behead the woman and surrendered. “This woman had killed my young son by practicing witchcraft but I have avenged his death. Please arrest me,” he said to the policemen at the station.

The woman apparently predicted that his 25-year-old son will die by evening and he did which led him to believe that she had cast a black magic spell on him which caused his death. He actually died of a cold and police are investigating the matter further.

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In case you didn’t know, Jharkhand is one of the states that’s notorious for carrying out numerous witch hunts and killing women for practising witchcraft for years. Every year, hundreds of women and accused of witchcraft and subsequently killed. The police think that this was too a case of witch hunt where the man, Sakal Tuddu barged in the house of the woman at night along with eight other villagers and beheaded her as soon as they found her.

The Sahibganj Superintendent of Police, Anuranjan Kispotta told the media, “Prima facie it appears to be a case of witch-hunting due to which the man killed the lady with the help of some other persons in Mehandipur village under Radhanagar Police Station. An FIR has been lodged against him and other eight persons of the same village.”

Well, obviously the man and the eight people didn’t give a second thought before committing such a heinous crime. That’s how blinded with rage and revenge they were. This happened late at night when the woman was asleep with her husband and daughter who couldn’t even react out of fear of being attacked. The police recovered the woman’s body at her home.

This was not the first case and it sure won’t be the last. Women will be murdered in the name of witch-hunting unless and until there is a strict law to prevent such hellish crimes.

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