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A Girl On A Twitter Thread Asked Fellow Women What Was The First Thing They Noticed In A Guy. Someone Straight Up Said Money

August 25, 2020 | by Sadhika Sehgal

As overused or cliché it may be, but in my experience I have come to realise that the adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is often sidelined, because ‘first impressions are last impressions’ when the time really comes. You see, no matter how much we claim to not be superficial and tell ourselves how how the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we can’t not admit that this wisdom only ever comes into play once the person in front of us has passed a preliminary screening.

Now while for most of us that would entail the basic, out-there stuff like someone’s hair, or smile or even their choice of footwear (people owning crocs need not apply) but there are people like my own best friend Radhika, who go straight out looking for a guy’s nails as a potential deal breaker or a deal maker. And surprisingly enough, she isn’t the only one with a quirk which involves noticing such bizarre stuff.

Turns out, there is a whole bunch of women out there who have THE most craziest confessions to make, when they were asked by a fellow Twitter user of what they’d notice first in a guy. The user (also a girl) had written, “What does a girl see first in a boy??” And within a couple of hours, neither did that thread become viral, but it also ended up recording some of the most unexpected and interesting answers.

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Any guys reading this, get ready to either be creeped out, or take notes, because in case you’re planning to head hunting soon, you may want to brush up those skills and perfect that grin. From talking about someone’s fragrance to their way of dressing up, everything from eyes to height to manners was taken into account and not left to chance.



For all those wondering why your date never came back from the washroom break she took 20 minutes ago, you may want to keep your eyes more on your date than the waitress, because turns out what you notice is one of the biggies on woman’s lists!

In fact, some women decided to tug hard at their candid, blunt self and mentioned that for them, how rich a person is, is straight up a deciding factor as to whether he’d earn a date in the future or not. Ouch. And here I was, still making my first cut based on whether or not the guy uses sanitiser properly. Seems like little things matter, be it your over-grown nails or your untied shoe laces, and while first impressions may not be the last ones, they’re definitely one of the most important ones you can make!

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Sadhika Sehgal

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