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A Distraught Woman Shared How Her Fiance Blew Up Their Wedding Money On Gaming And Has Lost All Interest In Her. Gaming Addiction Is Real

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Excess consumption of anything is bad and can lead to toxic behavior, be it alcohol, food, coffee or porn, and even love. Eventually, it traps you in a vicious cycle of addiction – the more you consume it, the more you get addicted to it and the more difficult it becomes to stop. There’s really no way of having anything productive come out of an addiction. This is why, being prone to indulgent things, I make sure there’s nothing I cannot do without. My morning tea is the closest thing I really, absolutely need but then again, it isn’t really hazardous to my existence or causing any pain to my loved ones.

Unfortunately, while we are very well aware of substance abuse, gaming addiction is something that still hasn’t garnered enough acknowledgment. That isn’t surprising considering it’s only recently that conversations around mental health are picking up and this is just one tiny drop in the ocean. A person’s mental health is so compromised in gaming addiction, like in any other, that all those taunts and sudden snatching away of their games can result in extreme responses, including aggression and suicide.

A woman recently poured her heart out on Reddit asking people for advice on how to handle her fiancé who has been gaming all day. Initially, when we hear of it, we dismiss it as a harmless, temporary peak of interest in a game. But as we begin to read further, we realise that her fiancé is showing signs of legit gaming addiction and if you read up literature on the same, you’ll agree.

So they got engaged in December 2019 and had saved up around $8000 (6 lakhs) for their wedding and honeymoon. It all started when her fiancé wanted to buy a new gaming PC after his best friend bought one. Reluctantly, she agreed to let his use their wedding fund to get one even though he could have really managed on his laptop. He went on to buy accessories and furniture for it and to her shock, spent the entire fund on perfecting his gaming experience.

My fiancé (25M) spent our entire savings (which we both were saving for our wedding and honeymoon) to buy a gaming pc. What’s worse is that ever since he got the pc, he has totally ignored me (27F) he has absolutely forgotten that I even exist in his life. from r/relationship_advice

Worst was yet to come as he began to get addicted to gaming. She said he stopped leaving his chair or speaking to her at all unless he wanted food. She pointed out that she started feeling like his personal butler as the only time she spoke to him or saw him was when she was giving him food. He stopped maintaining personal hygiene and apparently hasn’t worked in two weeks and she is afraid he is going to lose his job. He stays up playing games till 5 am all night and it doesn’t seem like their sex life exists anymore although I don’t think it’s on top of her troubles right now.

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While people have been advising her pull the plug, change the wifi password, and have a strong-worded conversation with him, it’s a mental health issue and she should consult a professional. I bet she didn’t realise that it looks like addiction and of course he won’t even agree that it’s a problem. But if he doesn’t care about his source of income, his fiancé, and personal hygiene at this point, this definitely looks serious. Live Well says gaming addiction leads to “changes in behaviour and mood, such as social isolation, ignoring previously enjoyed activities and withdrawal when not playing — all of which might result in irritability, anxiety or depression.”

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