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5 Types Of Bachelorette Parties You Could Throw For The Bride-To-Be

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Do you know what the best part about being a bridesmaid is? No, it isn’t the shopping, nor is it helping the bride’s family set up. The best part about being in the bridal party is obviously throwing the bachelorette party! But it can also be the most tedious part. The planning, the coordination, the budgeting, it all falls on you. But the most confusing part is to figure out what kind of bachelorette the bride-to-be wants! After all, it is her celebration. Figuring this out is the first step to throwing a kickass bachelorette! So, to help you and all the brides-to-be out there, we have made a list of all the different kinds of parties you could have. We have also mentioned a theme for each one just to make things more exciting. Check it out!

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Wild and Crazy

This is the traditional way of sending off the bride into married life. One night of pure drunken adventures which ends with a major blackout the next morning. If the bride is a complete party animal, the theme you could use here is Girls Gone Wild. Get the whole bridal party to wear black with a pink sash that says, “Bride Tribe” and head to one club after another in your city. The whole idea behind have a wild bachelorette is for the bride to begin her married life with a bang, so as her bridesmaid you have to ensure she dances the night away!

Sophisticated and Classy

If the bride wants to keep things less crazy and more classy you can throw her a sophisticated bachelorette as well. Use a Sex and The City theme and get all the girls and the bride, of course, to dress up as one of the four characters. Head to your favourite fine dining restaurant for a 7-course dinner and then to a 5-star bar for Manhattans. You could also turn it into a day event- a beautiful brunch followed by a relaxing day at the spa. Ask the bride what she would prefer!

Simple and Low Key

This is a great option as well for brides who want to just relax and kick back from all wedding prep madness. Or even those brides who don’t have a lot of time in their crazed schedule, a low-key bachelorette is exactly what they could use. As the bridesmaid, you can turn to a super chilled theme like a movie marathon or even a slumber party binge-watching the bride’s favourite show. All you need are matching PJs for all your girls and of course a boatload of junk food! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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Unconventional and Different

This kind of bachelorette is for the bride that lives life on the edge. Take her on a beautiful trek near the city and then arrange for a campsite under the stars. Imagine sitting around a bonfire passing a bottle around and telling ghost stories. You could also plan fun games to play around the bonfire, oh and don’t forget the smores. If you are near a lake, you could also go kayaking and try water sports. Try it out, you never know it might just turn into the perfect send-off for the bride-to-be.

Luxurious Getaways

Has the bride-to-be always wanted a luxurious bachelorette somewhere away from the hustle-bustle of the city? You could always theme it The Great Gatsby or The Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fly to your chosen destination and chill by the pool all day, have a luxurious drunch, get relaxing massages at the 5-star spa. And then at night dress up as your favourite character from the movie that you’ll pick and head to the sushi bar. Don’t forget to pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the bride-to-be!

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