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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Video Of Honey Singh’s Latest Song Moscow Suka. All Of Them Are About How Cringy The Video Is

April 15, 2020 | by Mitali Shah

I know everyone is all bored and feeling blah during this lockdown. But I think there is no situation so bad that a good song can’t fix, right? I mean, that is what Bollywood and Disney movies have been teaching us since the beginning of time. But lately, it is no secret that we have been getting some shitty, cringe-worthy songs.

Adding to that list is Honey Singh’s Moscow Suka. Don’t ask me what the title of the song means because I have no idea and it’s possible that it doesn’t mean anything. Anyway, I am sure you already have an idea of how entertaining this song is so why don’t you go ahead and listen to it? At least thanks to this lockdown you won’t be able to hunt me down and kill me for subjecting you through this (yay).

PS: Keep an eye out for his cheetah print coat, it is truly epic.

Here are five thoughts I had while watching the video. Have fun! (I know I did)


  1. The first thought that crossed my mind when I heard this (dreadful) song was, “why are we complaining so much about remixes when original songs sound like this?” But Honey Singh has a talent and it’s not his singing or lyric writing or even his composing. His talent is that he is super consistent. Think about it, every single one of his songs is worse than the previous one and that takes a serious level of determination.

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  1. Moscow Suka (he means Mashooka if you didn’t get that) is a song that has no meaning. I have heard it at least five times now (what a fun job I have) and still don’t know exactly what he is singing about. The song is divided into Russian and Punjabi, which for a record is a killer combination. Well, it managed to kill my brain cells. The Russian part talks about the world spinning and being a queen while the Punjabi part talks about daaru, a Ferrari, guns and of course more daaru. This song is a bunch of words (probably the only bunch of words that Honey Singh knows) strung together.
  1. Okay, can we take a moment and talk about his animal print outfit with tinted sunglasses? I know he was trying to go for the Russian gangster look but he ended up looking like something a cheetah had thrown up on (no offence to cheetahs suffering from a bad hangover). Also, what is with rappers and, I want to say funky, but I am going to say weird, sunglasses? This guy has the word “Mashooka” running through his sunglasses for some reason. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if this outfit came out of Honey Singh’s out wardrobe.

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  1. Now, another I noticed that I found hilarious was that most of the “video” is just Honey Singh staring blankly into the camera. If you pause the video and just look at his face, it looks like he stares into the depths of your soul *shudders*. Anyway, the fact that most of this video is just close-ups of Honey Singh could either mean that they were trying extremely hard to focus on him and decided to use all the footage or that they just had an utter lack of choreographers. There is no telling.
  2. The song, without the video, kind of grows on you. I heard a bunch of times and now the tune has become an earworm. Ugh, does this mean I am finally losing my sanity?


Mitali Shah

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