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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Video Of Hasina Pagal Deewani . Mainly Ki, What’s With All The Lehenga Biting?

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The essence of a Bollywood movie is in its songs. You can always judge a movie by the songs it has. It’s a tried and tested formula. Okay, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is an exception. Love the songs, hate the movie. However, nowadays, the songs that Bollywood is churning out are abysmal. I dread the days I see a new song on Youtube because I know it’s going to be a hot mess. Just like the song we are discussing today- Hasina Pagal Deewani (or the lehenga biting song) from Indoo Ki Jawani. 

The song stars Kiara Advani, Aditya Seal and a blue lehenga. The video is something you wish you could wipe from your head. Kiara is clearly drunk or high on some sort of substance and as women must do in these cases, to show rebellion, she abandons her dupatta (which wasn’t doing much anyway), dismisses her mother who promptly faints at what her daughter is pulling off in public and then the song kicks in so anyway, what use is logic now?

Here are 5 thoughts I had while watching this video. 

  1. I think this entire video is one big warning of what not to do at a family function. If you don’t want to give your parents and relatives a heart attack that is. Kiara is writing on people’s foreheads (with a capped pen no less), chewing on her lehenga and throwing her dupatta at men. And instead of saving her all the embarrassment, people are standing around making videos of her. Actually I get it. If I were a spectator of a show like that, I would be live streaming it. Anyway, in a nutshell, the video is what you should do when you want to be written out of your parent’s will.
  2.  I watch a lot of these videos (whattey job, right?). In most of them, the actors prancing around those ridiculous sets have no expression on their face whatsoever. Remember Nora Fatehi’s expressions in all the Street Dancer 3D songs? You won’t because there were none. In this video though, Kiara had more expressions than all those actors put together. And if you think that’s a good thing, think again. I never thought I would see so many expressions in under 2 and a half minutes. It can make you go a little cuckoo. 

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3.  The hook step had me in splits. I was not expecting that. What are they doing? Even if I leave the weird wave hand movement thingy aside, I have to ask why there is so much lehenga biting? They do know it doesn’t look nice, right? In fact, It looks so weird. Besides, aise hi corona failta hai. All that kachra that was on that lehenga is now in her mouth. Also, the hand step, looks she is trying to stop a rickshaw. Something my gym trainer would make me do during arm workout days. This definitely goes on the hall of fame for weird hook steps. Which should be a real hall of fame, IMHO. 

4. The blue lehenga is really the star of this video. Everyone seems to be obsessed with it. First, Kiara puts it in her mouth for some reason and then there is a part where Aditya pulls her by the lehenga and makes her dance. So no one thinks it’s problematic that he is pulling her lehenga? Good going. But the grossest part of the whole video is when Aditya bites on her lehenga while doing the hook step. It’s super unhygienic. Also, please explain this to me, why does anyone need to chew on it?

5. See, the thing is, I actually like this song. The original song was so much fun and this rejuj is not bad, music wise. Video wise, Bollywood as a whole, needs to get off those drugs. 

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