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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Salman Khan’s Latest Song Tere Bina. Mostly Ki, Was This Made To Torture Us?

May 13, 2020 | by Mitali Shah

One of my favourite things about myself is the fact that I love watching bad movies. Do you know the really stupid, slapstick comedies that make no sense at all? Yeah, those ones. But the thing, every time I watch Salman Khan movie it just feels like acid reflux (sorry, that’s the worst thing I could think of right now).

However, because I love my job so much, I chose to watch this new retched song Tere Bina that features Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez. Well, I lived through it but that doesn’t mean I would want to watch it again. I’m serious, the best past about that song was the horses and swimming and that’s only because I really miss the outdoors.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching the song. I thought you might need some entertainment; this lockdown can get stuffy.

PS: watch the video first, it’s horrible and Salman’s lack of effort doesn’t make up for that.

1.If given a choice, I would volunteer to watch paint dry rather than watch Salman Khan stink up my screen with his nonsensical movies. So, when I heard he was doing this music video with Jaqueline Fernandez, I knew it would be another steaming load. It was only after I heard it that I thought to myself that neither the word bad nor any of its synonyms qualify to describe it. It actually feels like they ran out of lyrics in the middle, so as fillers they just translated the name of the song into English and that’s not even the worst part about it.

To categorise this song, they would have to make a whole new sub-category under “bad songs” just to add this one. And I am not even exaggerating this time, my ears and eyes are bleeding.

2. Can we please take a moment to discuss why some of the scenes of the video are so weird? Like what was the scene with the belt? is it an innuendo for him tying her up or what? Another one is where the hell did Jaqueline get a float in what can only be called a nala? I know they are making do with the places they have available, but a cheery float does not a tropical vacation make. Also, have you ever got paint on your face? You come to know immediately, that was a very (for the lack of a better word) stupid scene. And then how do flowers fall just on her? Seriously, what is going on and why do most of the scenes make less than no sense?

Just think of all the things I could’ve done in the four minutes that I wasted watching Jaqueline ride a horse, apply paint on herself and swim while Salman hangs in the background (obviously).

3. A lot of questions came to mind while I was watching this video though only one tugged at the strings of my brain (I am an overthinker, I know). Exactly what is Salman Khan doing in the song? In the first shot when he walks into the tent, he has this murderous glare thing going on with his face, like he was planning on impaling Jacqueline. I brushed that off thinking that maybe that’s the only expression he knows how to give correctly. Considering all his movies are about him single-handedly beating up 12 overgrown men.

Although if you watch the whole video, Jacqueline is being her bubbly self while the only thing Mr Broody Brooderson does is quietly stare at her. Would it really hurt him to change his expression once in a while? It’s not too much to ask from someone who is supposed to be an ‘actor.’

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4. What happened in the end? Did she die? Is she a ghost? Please tell me he didn’t just imagine her or that she was haunting him. If she did die, I am sure there are better ways of telling of depicting that than just making her disappear. That was really confusing. Actually, what was confusing was why I was actually watching the song in the first place.

5.  If you keep watching that video on loop, you realise that it’s full of innuendos (sexual and otherwise) and symbolism. For example, are the horses a symbolism for his sex drive? That’s an often used trope. It makes sense when you couple it with the fact that he tied his belt around her while she was riding that horse. Or was the scene where she is milking the cow a symbolism for the fact that she was preggers? I don’t really understand whether she was pregnant through the video or not. I mean, if she was where was the baby bump? and why was Salman winding a belt tightly around her? This song is the worst thing I have seen and that is including Two girls and a Cup.

This song raised more stupid questions than it answered (what else can you expect) but the only thing I am glad about is that Salman did not rip his shirt off in this video *phew*.


Mitali Shah

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