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5 Thoughts I Had While Watching Jass Manak’s Butterfly Video. Mainly, What Are Those Lyrics?

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I like to believe that I have fairly good taste in music. I might not be an expert but I can tell the good songs from the utter garbage. Like most of the Bollywood songs these days are. And this song, forgive my bluntness, is not something I would want to listen to ever again. Butterfly, sung by Jass Manak is your quintessential Punjabi song without any of the catchy lyrics and groovy beats. 

Here are some thoughts I had while watching the video. Because why not turn torment into entertainment? 

1. Okay, if I am being frank I think I can be a Punjabi singer as well. Don’t roll your eyes before you hear me out. When I was watching this video, I realised that being a Punjabi singer is very easy. All you have to do is get lyrics that make no sense, wear loud coloured clothes, objectify women and move your hands around like you are trying to get rid of too many flies. Oh, and of course, buy a swanky car and pose next to it. Am I right or am I right? 

2. Was it only me or was the Jass Manak stalking the girl in this video? He is always fluttering around her like a well, butterfly (appropriately named song). He asks her out, she says no but despite that, he is trying to hold her hand and even follows her around. He is continuously asking her if she is engaged or single. This video is what they should play while teaching kids what stalking is. Oh wait, they don’t do that. Also, he calls her to an isolated bridge all by herself. That is creepy. Of course, she agrees in the end. It wouldn’t be much of a video if she didn’t. It’s super cringe-worthy. 

3. What are these lyrics? Whoever wrote these lyrics desperately needs a change in profession. They have let their imagination run wild and how. Indian Ya Pakistani Kithey Di Tu Aw Rani Main Tera Baji Rao Banja Meri Mastaani. WHY??? It sounds like they just wrote for the sake of it. It’s senseless. Hopefully, the butterfly will fly far far away before it’s too late. Ugh. I am not saying write lyrics like Gulzaar but don’t come up with this at least. Pretty sure Jass Manak doesn’t care but we shall put it out there anyway. 

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4. One thing that really grabbed my attention were the costumes in this video. The singer, Jass is wearing jhatak coloured shirts with weird prints on them. The green one legit looks like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. threw up on him. Don’t even get me started on the girl. The pink thing looks like she dressed up for Halloween as cupcake frosting. I love ruffles but this was OTT and how. Also, was anyone else wondering why there were cabaret dancers dancing on the road? Like what is this unsynced composition? Also, in the bit about the Bajirao and Mastani, 3 clueless goras stand as props in the background. Do they know they are part of this video? 

5. I know it might not seem like that after the way I just dissected this song and its video but I love Punjabi songs. But this is not what music is supposed to be.  But then again what do you expect from a song that is titled ‘Butterfly’? Guru Randhwa must be flipping out somewhere.

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