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5 Reasons Why Being A Party Girl Also Means That You’re A Great Actress!

December 09, 2019 | by Sadhika Sehgal
Party Girl Is A Great Actress

The fact that almost every other millennial out there is also a party freak is no news. Practically every weekend, our diet becomes almost fully liquid consisting of drinks and chasers which are further chased down by french fries because otherwise you end up drunk. Who are we kidding? We would’ve ended up drunk anyway. And, no matter how opposed my mother may be to the idea of me being a party girl and it not working well in my favour, I would certainly beg to differ. Especially since I am someone who thoroughly enjoys her regular night outs with her girlfriends. Though, there are quite a few necessary life skills that I have honed in the process. One of the handiest of them all is being a great actress.

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You see, when you’re in your twenties and are still living with your parents in a country where going out late comes at a lot of peril, being a party girl doesn’t come all that easy. But one thing that has sincerely helped me along the way is nurturing my acting skills. For the sole purpose of acing all the drunken acts that we have to put on. If you relate to this at all, you know that the number of acts we do is more than the average number of shots we’d consume on a night out. Here are 5 times that prove that being a party girl also means you’re a great actress…

1. When you act as if you are leaving the house dressed in casuals to attend a sleepover or max to max a satsang for your best friend’s parents marriage anniversary, but have to transform into a total goddess once you take that step out of your house’s dehleez and change from sati savitri to slutty savita in 0.01 seconds!

2. The next round where your impeccable acting skills need to shine is when you’re right at the entry of the club. You’ve got to charm your way in, pretending to be well over 25. Clearly the bouncer and the manager have their doubts and have a slight idea that you are lying about your age. But hey, this isn’t your first rodeo so you slide right through acting all elderly and confident, even flashing a fake id when the need arises!

3. The most spontaneous calling for your inner actress comes around when you’re just trying to have fun with your girls, but are being constantly nudged and interrupted by a boy who just doesn’t seem to get the hint and continues his shenanigans to try and impress you. This is where you have to act as though you’re here with your boyfriend (oh well!) who is just over at the bar getting you drinks. You also slyly make up more details about this imaginary beau, in order to ditch the sleaze in front of you. *calls out a fake name in a random direction*

4. In fact, sometimes you’re an actress of such a brilliant accord that you even manage to convince yourself just that you aren’t that drunk at that moment and how one more round of shots would not do anything to you. That is of course, up until the point you also witness puke in a commode and realise that it is in fact you, who is throwing up in a cramped up washroom cubicle.

5. And, the defining moment of your acting prowess comes when you reach home hours after your curfew time. During that awkward showdown at the front gate with your parents, you have to act as though you’re not drunk one bit, even though you’ve chugged a whole pitcher of long island iced tea and even have some spilled on your clothes to show for it. Most of the time, this performance is the kind you either get an Oscar for or well it can get grounded for a week.

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Sadhika Sehgal

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