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11 Subscription Boxes That Will Bring You Happiness Every Month

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A lot of my friends are unenlightened about what a subscription box is and I was too, until a couple of years ago. So for those who are still uninitiated, let me tell you what it is all about. A subscription box is like a hamper in which you receive sample products from the brand for you to try out. Earlier, I knew only of beauty subscription boxes but then I discovered they aren’t limited to just vanity. You can opt for gourmet, period packages (which offer things you can pamper yourself with), jewellery, and even books. I know that if you love even one of these categories you are probably going bonkers about it rn. I know I did!

I was introduced to these by my elder sister (she has introduced me to a lot of things!) a long time ago. Recently, I went back to that phase of subscribing to a box because I would really love to receive some amazing products every month. And if you are as keen as me on getting one yourself then I am listing down a few subscription boxes that you need to subscribe to!

    1. Fab Bag

If you have a new-found (or not) passion for beauty then this one is for you. Fab Bag is a subscription box that provides the best of beauty products curated for the customers according to their likes. This box will help you save time, energy and money by allowing you to pick your products online at a reasonable price. They also send out a cute makeup pouch with the box. You can always cancel the subscription mid-way just in case you don’t enjoy it.

      2. Being Juliet

That time of the month can get really hard for us and that’s when Being Juliet comes to the rescue. Being Juliet allows you to pamper yourself with the supplies you need to calm the cramps and even sanitary pads if you are out of any. This is a box of happiness that every girl deserves.

   3. Faconn

Faconn comes from the French word ‘facon’ which means fashion. Faconn is a place that has everything under one roof, from accessories to footwear! This makes shopping so much easier. They also allow you to shop from their own collection as well. So, if you are looking to upgrade your closet or try something new in the category of skincare and makeup then this is the place just for you.

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  4. Sugar Box

This one’s for the quirkiness in you. We all love all things cute and awwdorable and Sugar Box is your one-stop shop for everything of that sort. Be it stationery or home decor, they have it all. Once you subscribe to it, I can assure you that you will never look back because these are products to die for. I know I am being a little dramatic, but you can check it out yourself.


  5. The Woof Box

As a pet owner I always want to give more to my cats. Even though they appreciate the box more than the toys that come in it, I still want to show them how much I love them. And I know a lot of pet owners can relate to that. The Woof Box curates a box carefully for your fluffy buddy and donates a portion of the money to the doggos that need help. Yes, this is a subscription box especially for dogs, but they also have a subscription box for cats as well on the website.

  6. Eyecrush

How often was it that you purchased a sunglasses that were cheap? Yep, even I don’t know. That’s where EyeCrush comes in and curates a box full of happiness and sunglasses, while still maintaining the quality. You can also shop from their collection separately and rn they are on a major sale. So go an grab your pair of fashionable glasses rn!


  7. My Envy Box

It’s an Indo-French brand that curates a box of happiness filled with samples of luxury beauty brands. The concept is simple – you subscribe to their box (monthly or yearly) and every time you receive one it will come with the samples of beauty products and if you love any of those products, you can always purchase the full size product on their website. It’s simple, isn’t it?

  8. The Gourmet Box

Hey foodie, if you are out there looking to try something new every month then this is for you. They go the extra mile for their customers by especially handpicking the products both locally and internationally. So, you can pick what you want, add it to your cart and voila you have your hamper full of delicious munchies to binge on.


  9. All Good Scents

This brand specialises in contemporary fragrances that cater to both men and women. You have to create your own box by picking out 3 perfume testers which cost you Rs. 199 only and comes in a very fancy kaleidoscopical packaging. If you like something from the samples then you can always buy yourself a full-size bottle, which I promise will not burn a hole in your pocket.

PS: They also have candles.


 10. Lady Raga

Home to all the beauty and accessory junkies. If you love to pamper yourself with some beauty products and beautiful accessories, then you have to subscribe to their box rn! Every month you will receive your box of happiness and won’t be disappointed.

  11. The Big Book Box

If you have a special place in your heart for books then this is definitely your happy place. They curate a box with four books according to the theme of the month, so if you love the theme you can get it for that month. Not only do they send books across, but they also send merchandise!

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