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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Fitness Routine Will Give You The Mid-Week Motivation You Need

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When you’re in the public eye or in front of the camera, looking good and fit becomes a 24 hour job. This obviously means that Bollywood celebrities take fitness very, very seriously. Jacqueline Fernandez who is known for her dance moves, blockbuster movies and healthy lifestyle is one celebrity who gives us major #fitnessgoals.

Jacqueline’s Bollywood journey

Jacqueline’s journey so far has been very rewarding and she lives with no regrets! Jacqueline Fernandez credits her success and failure for keeping her balanced and calm. She started her Bollywood journey after she won Miss Sri Lanka. Her debut film Aladdin earned her audience attention, and thereafter, she made her mark in the industry. She will appear in Drive, which is a thriller film alongside Sushant Singh Rajput.

Jacqueline’s workout regimen

Jacqueline’s fitness mantra is eating right, sleeping enough and exercising regularly. Her routine at Beyond Studio, located in Mumbai, revolves around her trainer Cindy Jourdain’s 75-minute Bootcamp Method that involves functionality and pliability for everyday purposes, and weight training and resistance exercises that are fundamental for bone and muscular health.

“I’ve been at it for years now. Exercise is an integral part of keeping you energetic, disciplined and happy,” said Jacqueline in an interview. Growing up the actress was extremely athletic, but turns out that she didn’t hit the gym until Miss Sri Lanka and Miss Universe. Her toned body is the outcome of rigorous workouts and eating right! The actress’s workout consists of a mix of cardio, strength training, martial arts, dance and yoga.

Jacqueline’s diet plan

You are what you eat – sounds cliche, I know, but Jacqueline swears by it. The 33-year-old actress claims that she eats according to her mood. She ensures her protein intake is measured, but there’s a whole lot of spinach, broccoli and asparagus, a good dose of fruits, eggs and fish, idli, quinoa, rice noodles and brown rice in her diet too.

Avoiding sugar is important to maintain a fit physique, she believes. Along with her breakfast, she has an espresso shot blended with a little ghee and a spoon of coconut-based MCT oil. MCT oil basically burns the body for pure energy. If Jacqueline has to look lean the next day, you know for a shoot, she consumes lots of greens for dinner. Now we know her secret to look red carpet ready all the time!

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