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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear. Here Are 9 Veganism Myths Debunked

November 14, 2019 | by Mitali Shah

Every three years, the fitness world sees new trends that start in the west and spread around globally like a wild fire. The latest trend that we are talking about today is veganism. So, what does it mean to be vegan? It basically means that you do not consume or use any products that are obtained from animals. It is a lifestyle change that hundreds of people are making around the world. And if you spent any time on the internet you have heard of various people describing vegans as pretentious and the food as tasteless. Though all that is untrue, the whole concept has gotten a bad reputation unnecessarily. So, we are here today debunking some of the most commonly believed myths about veganism!

Myth: Meat and Dairy-Free products are safe for vegans

Most people just assume that if they see a product at a supermarket labeled “meat-free” or “dairy-free” they are vegan-friendly. That might not entirely be true! Some ingredients present in them might make the product not safe for vegans. While the final product may be dairy-free, some processes during the making might have included derivatives that vegans wouldn’t eat. Be wary of things like dairy-free cheese or any dairy replacements for that matter. Always ready the list of ingredients before purchasing anything and if you are confused look for a sticker that says “vegan.”

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Myth: Veganism only applies to food

Veganism isn’t a diet, it is practically a lifestyle. And the fact is, food isn’t the only thing that is made using animal products. Everything from makeup products to clothes to bedsheets can be made using animal products and that is why vegans have to be extremely careful while picking out any product out. A huge part of being vegan is being educated about the non-food side of it too!

Myth: Vegan food does not fill you up completely

The idea that vegan food isn’t filling stems from the fact that vegans eat small portions of ‘boring’ food all the time. But that is not the case, they do not eat only salads and tofu. Vegans can have a wholesome meal rich in fibre and protein. Protein fills you up, it might not give you the same satisfaction carbs do but it gets the job done. Legumes, nuts, fruits, and quinoa are also great vegan-friendly options for a super healthy, filling meal.

Myth: Honey is Vegan

Many people think that honey is vegan since bees make it naturally. But by that logic, they should drink animal milk since that too is made naturally. The truth is, honey is not vegan because bees make it as preserves through winter. Overharvesting of honey has led to depletion in the bee population which, believe it or not, is really harming the symbiotic nature of our ecosystem. So nope, honey is not vegan! You do get vegan substitutes so check those out.

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Myth: Being vegan means you are healthy

“Being healthy,” is a concept that is used fast and loosely when it comes to veganism. The point I am trying to make here is that like anything else, you have to work at being vegan to make it healthy. Just because you are vegan and have cut out a lot of the unhealthy foods and products from your life, doesn’t automatically make your body work better. In addition to that, you have to eat mindfully, exercise, get enough sleep and take care of yourself. If you do all those things and also stick to veganism, you will be healthier. Actually, vegan or not, if you do all of these things, you will be healthy anyway.

Myth: Veganism is expensive

If you are looking at faux meat or prepackaged dairy-free products then yeah, going vegan can seem a tad more expensive. But, if you go simpler and just look at some of the staple things that vegans eat like rice, legumes, beans or fruits it might not seem so expensive. Of course, price varies from location to location, but it certainly should not stop you from turning vegan.

Myth: Vegans need to take nutrient supplements

A lot of people use this as an excuse to not go vegan. The truth is every diet out there has its own deficiencies. Yes, a vegan diet lacks vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron and a few other nutrients that are found in abundance in animal products but then again, a heavy meat diet also lacks essential nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and fibre. So, the point is there is no perfect diet, it all about getting the essential nutrients in whatever form.

Myth: People only turn vegan to attract attention from others

Veganism is a diet that’s rapidly gaining popularity. People are switching to this lifestyle for multiple reasons- concern for animal welfare or to live a healthier lifestyle overall. Yes, they are outspoken about their beliefs and do talk about it constantly. But they do that to make the people around them conscious about their lifestyle as well. That doesn’t make them attention-seekers, they are just trying to spread the word around.

Myth: Veganism and Vegetarianism is the same thing

Many people believe that veganism and vegetarianism are practically the same thing. Yes, both of them do not consume meat. But, vegetarians consume dairy and sometimes eggs. Basically they will eat stuff that is obtained from animals, as long as they aren’t dead in the process. They also, and this varies, but mostly do not stay away from other products that have been made by any commodity that comes from animals. On the other hand, vegans abstain from animal products altogether. They do not consume or use any product that has been obtained from animals. regardless of whether it harmed the animal or not.


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