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The Sequinned Cocktail Saree Is Trending Right Now And It’s Beautiful. But It’s So Uncomfortable To Wear!

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The butterfly dresses from mid-90s were both a blessing and a bane for unsuspecting 6-year old girls. These puffy dresses were huge with Indian moms, who loved to dress their little ones in these Barbie-like dresses. I know, I was one of them! These pink and yellow “frocks” looked so beautiful and glamorous…until you put them on! Sequins and mesh were the no.1 reason for tears at crowded birthday parties crawling with kids…and not much has changed since. While sequins are still quite popular in fashion, they have always given me scratches at the most unfortunate places. Which is exactly why we are torn about this new saree trend brewing among the most fashionable in Bollywood!

The next door designer to the stars, Manish Malhotra is also the maker of some sexy cocktail sarees. These slim and slinky sarees are quite popular with the ladies, especially the ones with sequin and badla work.

The Casual Drapes

The poster child of the ‘party saree’, Karisma Kapoor loves to do the cocktail saree more than anything. Given how well the casual drape of this style suits her frame, we are not surprised with the obsession. Although sometimes, these dainty saree can be very restrictive when it comes to suiting body types. They don’t really help curvier girls play with structure. But the slender girls definitely love them and we see why…they are so sexy!

All That Bling

While on the topic, we can understand why this sequinned saree has caught the attention of celebrities, including Kareena Kapoor Khan. The subtle detailing paired with solid colours make for a glamorous wear. They photograph well and barely need any accessories to complete the look. Maybe if they can invent a skin-friendly version of sequins, we might be a bit happier!

The Snug Fit

The always gorgeous Punjabi kudi Kriti Sanon confessed to loving the saree the most. She recently shared a new drape with the caption, “Ganpati celebrations in my favorite outfit— a saree.. wearing a badla saree for the first time by my fave Manish Malhotra”. We’ve gotta say, she looks like she’s practically poured into the saree! A combination of light weight fabric and weighted detailing makes sure that the saree falls at the right place and that’s such a plus!

The Commitment

When we first saw fashionista Natasha Poonawalla in her Manish Malhotra sequinned saree for the Ambani Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, we squealed!  While the saree is fab, we are not sure about the drape, we felt so bad for her poor skin. Can you imagine those sequins digging into your skin on a wet, rainy day? Eeks! Major props to Natasha for committing to the look, we never could!

Are you a fan of the cocktail saree? Let us know in the comments!


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