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Thanks To The Pandemic, Indian Fashion Shows Are Going Digital Soon. This Is So Cool

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Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the COVID 19 situation has already redefined the traditional ways of doing things and made possibly everything digital. It would be pretty awesome if weren’t such a sudden and forceful change. I mean, this was something we were expecting in the years to come but definitely not in 2020. From education to movies, almost every industry has taken a full 360-degree turn and gone virtual. Even weddings are happening online, which is a huge change from the big fat Indian wedding scene.

The fashion industry also followed suit and adopted the digitization by going virtual. At the moment, a three-day virtual Paris Haute Couture Week is happening on Instagram where brands like Christian Dior and Valentino are showcasing their latest collections. How awesome is that? Back home, the Indian fashion councils and designers are gearing up to launch an all-virtual fashion week on your personal screens. We can’t wait to sign up for that!

Recently, the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) announced that it is going to hold its first-ever fashion show on Instagram soon. They posted a teaser of the digital runway show with the caption, “ANNOUNCEMENT The FDCI is reinventing the wheels and the reset button has been pressed. FDCI goes digital! Stay tuned for India’s first-ever digital fashion week. #FDCI #FDCIGoesDigital.”

Talking about the big news, Sunil Sethi, the chairman of FDCI said, “Since no on ground fashion week is possible right now, we have no other avenue but to go digital. The purpose is solely for the business for the designers, and business can only take place if they showcase new collections. If we can convey the message of a 40-minute-plus show in under 20 minutes, there is no need for large-scale shows. However, larger than life sets can be replicated in a virtual space.”

The date is still not set but we are really excited to experience the virtual fashion show on Instagram.

If you are a fashion buff and follow fashion weeks like a hawk, you’d know that last year, in September, the Indian Federation for Fashion Development’s (IFFD) held its first edition of Instagram fashion event ‘India Runway Week’. The virtual show saw collections by 35 designers including Niki Mahajan, Nikhil Thampi, Siddharth Tytler, Manish Gupta and more. Similarly, this year, they are all set to launch the second edition of the virtual fashion week from 17 September to 20 September.

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This aims at creating an all-inclusive digital platform where everything will be done virtually, from buying to networking. Even the auditions of runway models for this fashion show will be held virtually on Instagram. The hashtags being used for the audition is #CastMeIRW.

Avinash Pathania, the founder of Indian Federation for Fashion Development spoke about the event, “We are happy to launch the second edition of Virtual Fashion A week and this time it will be much bigger and better with more creative ideas to support it and make it different from all the other new entrants in the same kind of platform due to COVID-19 pandemic.”

Watching a fashion show on your screen won’t obviously be the same as watching it live. Because, let’s face it, watching a fashion show is an experience in itself. That being said, this way at least it will be more inclusive and everyone will be able to enjoy the fashion shows.

So, where do we RSVP?

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