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Sonakshi Sinha’s Nude, Shimmery Outfit Is Unflattering. This Is Why Curvy Women Should Avoid This Shade!

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There was a time when I would turn to Sonakshi Sinha for inspiration. She was curvy and unapologetic. And her fashion was on point. I knew if that she could carry off something, chances are, I could too. But then she went ahead and lost all that weight and now she looks like a bombshell. While she’s still curvy, she’s lean having lost all the extra fat. But the thing is, her frame is still big. Recently, she was at an event where she was wearing a nude, shimmery outfit that did her no favours. And this is exactly why we think nude is best left to those trying to create the illusion of curves.

This woman is a certified star. And we love how she dresses in a way that flatters her bigger frame. But this number, isn’t working. For starters, it makes her look bigger. It hugs her at all the wrong places and honestly, this colour is unforgiving. Her thighs look, for the lack of a better word, huge. Now here’s why we say it’s not the norm. Because there are days when she’s wearing the right things and she looks smashing.

Same woman. Looking like a freaking siren.

She’s got the body. She’s got the fierce look and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. However, the colour she chose for the event? We think it’s best left to petite women. For example, Shilpa Shetty did the same shade and while she’s got the body of a goddess and we kind of hate the outfit, it’s still this hue worn right.

Or even this outfit by Priyanka Chopra. In the same shade range but definitely worn better.

No, we get it. We aren’t saying avoid this colour altogether. But a deeper hue of this colour or perhaps a more flattering silhouette might work much better than this banal number that Sonakshi Sinha has been saddled with. Sonakshi’s new movie Khandani Shafakhana comes out soon and here’s hoping her promotional looks have something more to offer when it comes to inspiration. We are thinking bright, sexy hues that she’s been rocking!

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