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Tis’ The Season To Play Up The Saree Pallu And Here Are The Styles That Are Reigning Trends RN

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The saree is symbolic of many things for desi women everywhere. It is a way for us to literally drape ourselves in a cultural piece of clothing. They are often handed down to us by our mothers and grandmothers as a gesture of love. And when worn by our influential women on international red carpets and appearances, they become a symbol of pride instead. There isn’t anything we can say about the saree that hasn’t already been said before. All we can do is provide current updates on this classic drape because the saree itself shall forever stay in-vogue.

So how are the country’s top designers envisioning the saree right now? Well, they are switching things up in the pallu department and playing it up!

Casual Pleats

Women who love wearing sarees to work are always justifying their hastily pleated pallu by blaming it on their alarm not going off. Well, not anymore since casually draped styles are so in right now. Looking especially pretty on organza and georgette fabrics, you can experiment with any number of “hasty” drapes and still end up with a red carpet ready look.

Cloth Cinchers

With the rise in popularity of self-design in Indian wear, the trend of a matching fabric belt to cinch the silhouette at the waist has caught up to it as well. With options of doing a gathered pallu or letting it hang loose, it might be time to invest in a masterji who will sew this essential accessory for all the sarees in your closet!

Pre-Stitched Slimmies

Got your hands on a brand new cocktail saree but don’t know how to style it? Slim pallus are just the right look to get you started at experimenting with all kinds of twists and tucks. A quite simple trick to pull with any number of your lace sarees, just bunch the pallu at the origin, pin the base and let the rest of it hang loose.

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Off The Shoulder

Off-shoulder pallu styles aren’t just meant for glamorous photoshoots and sleepover adventures with our BFFs! The only way you can truly bask in the glory of a well-stitched and statement blouse is to show it off fully. This is where you can take the pallu off the shoulder and wrap it around your wrist or drop from the forearm. Cute!

Drop It Low!

The decision to drop the pallu lower than it’s intended to go to create pleated details in the side is a choice, not a necessity. While this will give you a completely original look, it is also one of the riskiest ones to pull on this list. We recommend sticking to silk and rayon sarees if you are a beginner, they are easier to direct and drape.

Smart Belted Lines

We LOVE this look from stylist Antara Motiwala Marwah’s fashion diaries. The addition of leather and metal belts to sarees that are softer and uber-feminine is peak chic in our opinion. It is also a chance to indulge in a properly pleated pallu, which will stay in place thanks to a wide shiny belt, thank the lord!

Choker Pallu

Used by top designers to add some Tribal charm in their collections, the choker style of wearing a pallu is slowly becoming a Bohemian fave. The draping style originated from the Rabari women, this is a style that young women who do not wish to fuss with the fabric can resort to. It also looks super cool and negates the need for accessories for the most part.

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