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Rihanna Threw So Much Shade At Victoria’s Secret With Her Savage X Fenty Show. This Was A Lingerie Showcase Unlike Anything Else!

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While we were busy trudging through Mumbai traffic last night, Rihanna was out there making fashion history at the ongoing New York Fashion Week. The R&B singer and modern business mogul presented her annual Savage x Fenty show, which received rave reviews from the lingerie industry, especially. Moving away from the usual mood of models with ashen emotions walking down the runway, Rihanna put out a whole choreography of dance numbers and sequences. And doing these numbers? Models of diverse shapes and sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. Showcasing the label’s new collection of size-inclusive and sexy lingerie that makes us go “God Damn!”, the was simply…exceptional.

Much like a well-produced event, the show will be broadcasted on Amazon Prime Video this September 20th, in more than 200 countries. That is why you haven’t seen much about the show on social media, which is unlike any other fashion week shows we have seen yet.

“Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves,” said Rihanna in an interview recently. “I can only hope to encourage confidence and strength by showing lingerie in another light. […] I want people to wear Savage x Fenty and think, I’m a bad bitch. I want women to own their beauty”, she elaborated. We are added being a “bad bitch” to our to-do list this year, for sure!

The rumour mill was abuzz with speculations about Rihanna performing before the show started. Being a closed show, the attendees did not know what to expect, but when Rihanna did come out for quick prance around the stage, the audience went berserk. It’s literally like being at a Rihanna concert, for free! “Wow, can you tell I’m so excited?!” Said Rihanna post the show. “Doing this tonight made me really miss the stage, and I think that’s really the reason why I wanted to get up there”, she confessed. Yes, please RiRi, get up there (and maybe come this side of the shore as well)!

According to a Vogue journalist who was one of the lucky ones to witness this moment in history, “With a set design that seemed to evoke both the grandeur of a Roman coliseum and the elegance of a Moroccan riad, the stage was primed for an epic scene. The lights came up like the sun over the horizon, shining down on a bevy of dancers dressed in all black and posing like heroic statues; in the center was Rihanna. Wearing killer heels, a sheer black body stocking, and a tiny black velvet wrap skirt, with diamonds twinkling at her wrists, the singer kicked off the show with a mesmerizing dance performance that sent the crowd into a frenzy.”

The NYFW 2019 seems like the boiler plate for trying out alternative ways of presenting fashion. The Blonds, a aNew York-based label, put on an avant garde show, full with circus acrobats and belted out numbers as well! We’ve never felt such FOMO in our lives before!

The biggest reaction that the show has gotten from the fashion industry was how the show was an obvious “F*ck You” to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s got to take super-sized balls to have performed for VS once and then take them down so spectacularly, yet being subtle about it. The Savage x Fenty show is all what VS ever dreamt of being. Their outdated concept of having stick figured models that lack diversity on the runway has caught up to them. With the annual VS fashion show cancelled, it was perfect timing for Rihanna to showcase what lingerie should be about…a sheer act of celebration of EVERY woman’s body. All hail the true queen!

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We can’t wait for the show to hit the streaming channels. Rest assured, we will be tuning in to watch the best lingerie show ever put on by a brand!


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