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#HauterflyLooksBack: 5 Times Priyanka Chopra Jonas Was A Style Goddess In 2019

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas has undoubtedly had a great year! With countless accolades, a heartwarming Indie flick, multiple productions, and a permanent spot on global ‘Best Dressed’ lists, PeeCee dominated 2019. The actress wore many hats this year (literally and figuratively)…acting, writing, producing, conceptualizing and most importantly, just plain existing. This was enough to make her one of our top fashion stars of the year. Let’s take a look at some of our highlights of Priyanka’s style in 2019!

A Year Of “Chill”

Last year, our ‘Desi Girl‘ married Nick Jonas in a 3-day wedding ceremony that so deliciously *extra*. Since she literally spent half a year planning and executing her wedding, this year was all about chilling and vacationing for her. PeeCee had, what we’d call an “extended Honeymoon”, roaming around exotic locations in her fabulous clothes. Her travel style was one of our definite faves this year. Not because they belonged to some of the best labels in fashion, but because they were SO MANY. She wore mesh gloves while taking dips in oceans and had matching hats for all her maxi dresses. Need we elaborate more?

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The Cannes “Wedding Dress”

The impromptu visit from Priyanka at the 2019 Cannes Film festival was such a treat for us. This is a red carpet that we are looking out for all year and her debut on it was every bit exciting as anything else she does. Since she was in the ‘New Bride’ vibe all year, her gown on the carpet was an off-shoulder “wedding dress” by Georges Hobeika. Nick was in tow, twinning in an all-white tux, and also as her designated umbrella holder for the rainy evening.

Her multiple outfit changes also included cool labels like Fendi and Tommy Hilfiger. A metallic halter dress from Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini being the sexiest we have seen her all year!

The Met Gala

It’s no wonder that ‘Camp Fashion’ was the most Google-searched phrase in the US this year…the Met Gala is one of the biggest fashion events in the world. It is also all set for a desi invasion now that Nita Ambani is part of the board of trustees of the Met Museum. It will lay the pressure off of our leading ladies to deliver at them annually. PeeCee did deliver this year though. She was all kinds of weird and campy. The frizzed out hair, custom handmade Dior Gown, and all that sheer bling was a sight to behold. You came through, Priyanka.

NY Street Style

Remember how we said that PeeCee made her mark this year just by existing in the world? Well, she lived in the bustling city of New York for a while and used to walk around its streets in stylish dresses and sexy heels. Re-inventing what high-fashion street style means. Stylist Mimi Cuttrell is always on point with her looks for the Bollywood bombshell.

We have taken countless notes from her fashion this year. She kept things relatable, simple and achievable. For instance, a blazer and skirt suits are not something we might think to invest in for workwear. But we definitely should because it is so stylish and easy-to-wear. Now here’s a style star whose practical sartorial choices are what make her even more endearing!

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Eyes For Days!

Every fashionable celebrity has a million things that they do to glam up…and one thing that they LOVE to do no matter what! For PeeCee, it is eye makeup. This girl is an eye-look hound, making her makeup artists come up with some of the boldest looks of the year. We are always paying close attention to how she did her eyes on any given event and have never been left disappointed. What a star!

She also made a damn good bridesmaid for Sophie Turner this year. She did pretty blush eyes for the same. How Cute!

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What are some of your favourite moments from Priyanka this year? Let us know!


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