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Katie Holmes Just Wore The Coolest Office Party LBD And Her Choice Of Accessory Has Us Hyped

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The quintessential “girl next door” of the 2000s, Katie Holmes managed to pull through a rainy night in NYC, wearing the coolest party LBD. The girl who was every 14-year old’s screensaver back in the mid-2000s (courtesy being Batman’s girl) is also one of our favourite fashion girls. Katie is way beyond her charm necklace ridden days from Dawson’s Creek and her penchant for being effortlessly stylish has only evolved. The former 90s teen icon has managed to re-capture the magic of easy dressing for the lazy-girl-on-the-go and we love her for that!

Katie’s habit of taking basic pieces and elevating them to be unique in her own way is a whole mood. Her September fashion week outfits consisted of layering denim to wearing bold colours during the day-time. Which only makes her experiments with the LBD even more endearing. It gets chilly when it rains, and Katie turned that into an advantage by adding a layer not over, but below the dress. A pair of polka-dotted tights is such a fun way to battle a little nip in the air and we have taken notes.

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Katie took her asymmetric gathered silk-satin mini dress from Saint Laurent out for the evening on two events, one of them being the much-awaited Nordstrom store opening in NYC. As far as accessories go, mesh stockings haven’t nearly got their due on the trendy fashion front. You can pair this solid piece with literally anything…sometimes even peeking through ripped jeans, creating an illusion of design. We can trust this ensemble to go with any number of fancy office parties, where we want to look anything but boring. Paired with a dewy glow, crimson lips, and a cute clutch, Katie’s version of formal-party glam is fabulous.

While we can’t hope to get our hands on the YSL dress (unless we have 2L to spare) we did find a budget alternate to recreate the look. Also, we found some tights!

The Dress

The Tights

Shop away, ladies!

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