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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Denim On Denim Look Should Be Your Next DIY Project. We Love The Jeans

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There are so many things we miss about being a kid! From carefree playgroups to bike excursions on our ladybirds, those were the good times. My childhood, specifically, was quite interesting in one aspect…the fashion. For the longest time, my mom would dress me up in boys’ clothes, because they were comparatively cheaper and lasted longer. So my childhood pictures are filled with bulky shirts, flared khaki pants and polo t-shirts. Most of them were paired with one of the many vests that my mom invested in. I wore a vest with everything, and honestly, I do miss them. Which is why, when I saw Kareena Kapoor Khan turn out a great denim on denim look, with a vest no less, I was excited.

Bebo look a break from recording for the second season on of radio show What Women Want on ISHQ 104.8 FM to pose for shutterbugs. The actress was dressed in a Tommy Hilfiger denim vest and Madison On Peddar flared jeans.

Kareena’s version of denim on denim is casual and effortlessly smart. It is also, a dream for women who love DIY projects, another childhood memory I cherish so much. Adding a pinch of DIY ideas to our wardrobe can make them all the more unique to ourselves. Also, they are fun!

Bebo’s vest can be easily achieved by taking a regular denim cropped jacket to the tailor and subjecting it to a few pattern cuts and stitches. Or, you can wear it as is… for the flared jeans, this is where you next great DIY project shall kick in! Paint splatter jeans are such a happy pair of pants to own. If done by ourselves, we can decide on the colours, patterns and even intensity of the design.

Creating a paint splatter design on jeans is super easy to do right in the comforts of our home. They can jazz up our old pair of denim, and the informal pattern means that we can mess up all we want!

We also loved the cute charm necklaces Bebo paired with her look. The solid nature of the denim paired with the indulgence of gold-hued bling is chic styling and we love it!

Check out this fabulous tutorial on creating paint splatter denim, go nuts!


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