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Janhvi Kapoor Wore White To Sonam Kapoor’s Birthday Bash. Pictures Are Proof That This Colour Can Be Very Unflattering

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Sonam Kapoor threw a birthday party for friends and family on Sunday and we were obviously glued to our Instagram, scrolling through our feed to find out who was wearing what. We can tell that this was a comfy, relaxed do where everyone could let their hair down. We saw pictures of Karisma Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Shilpa Shetty, Varun Dhawan, Ananya Panday and a bunch of other people at the party, which looked like plenty of fun. Amongst the invitees was also Janhvi Kapoor, sister to Sonam Kapoor who made an appearance in a white bodycon dress.

Now, Janhvi Kapoor is one fit girl. This is a girl who is snapped outside the gym more regularly than we are (if we were famous and they were tracking our every move) spotted at the local chaatwala. We know she works out, we know that she has a fabulous body with not an inch of extra fat. But at this party, where she wore a white bodycon dress, even she looked just about okay, and that is shocking because if it doesn’t suit her, it won’t suit anybody.

Look, if there’s anyone that can totally work a bodycon dress, it would be Janhvi. She’s got the body for it and the confidence to carry it off. However, in this dress, we aren’t loving her. In fact, we thought it made a great case for black dresses, what with them being flattering and all. We are starting to see why LBDs have gained the kind of fan following that they have.

Honestly, white doesn’t make anyone look good and still she manages to look pretty fabulous. But we’ve seen her look better. So we are starting to think that the colour white is to fault here. Even though this dress hugs all her curves, it makes her look wider, highlights any sort of texture anywhere and is completely unforgiving. While we love linen and whites for summer, we think this look is a hard pass and if Janhvi can’t, then we think we shouldn’t even venture into the white bodycon territory.

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