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#HauteHacks: How To Iron Your Clothes WITHOUT An Iron!

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When you’re travelling, you obviously need to pack light and that means carrying your clothing iron is absolute no-no. Unless you’re living in a fancy hotel, where you do have the option of requesting an iron, walking around in a crinkled shirt is the only way out. Or is it?

We’re all guilty of patting down a crinkled outfit in the hope that maybe the heat from your palms will flatten it out a tad bit. Alas, most of the times we fail!

This #hautehack will undoubtedly come in handy — especially, when you’d rather go out with crinkled clothes than ruffled hair. What do we mean? If you suffer from frizzy hair syndrome, then your straighteners literally go wherever you go. So why not double those flat tongs up for a clothes iron too, eh?

You’ve probably thought of using your hair straighteners to iron your clothes, so we’ve put your thought into action — and here’s how. Wipe the plates of your device clean with a wet cloth (when switched off, of course). Then using a water spray, spritz on a little bit of water on to the fabric, making it slightly (and we mean SLIGHTLY) damp.

After adjusting the device to the required temperature for your fabric, hold the garment between the two plates and run it through. This technique works great for the corner creases.

Coming to the centre, take the hottest part of the device i.e. either the side of the plates or the back and run it against the fabric.

This will take a little bit of time, but hey, carrying around a pair of straighteners beats carrying around a chunky iron, right?


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