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Feminist Tees Are Taking Over ‘IT’ Girl Basics And We Picked Some Out To Wear On Our Off Days

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Fashion has always played an integral role in feminism. The Suffragettes, who are largely regarded as the pioneers of the movement, discarded their corsets in order to stand in solidarity with their sisters. They also used colours, purple for loyalty and dignity, green for hope, and white for purity, in order to make a statement. Fashion as an industry has also had a direct hand in bringing about change for women in society. Influential designer Coco Chanel made trousers for herself Deauville’s lanes, a choice that was seen shocking then and which paved the way for women in the future.

These are the defining moments in history that are drenched in feminist values. But we were the ideology of social equality on our sleeves almost on a day-to-day basis. The sheer act of choosing to go braless on a day when you have a shirt on that perfectly masks your nipples is one instance. We also constantly rebel against the notion of “proper” in a patriarchal country with our poorly covered slips and being our sensual best in hot pants. A woman’s clothes are more than just an essential material in her life, it is an extension of her personality. Elements of which, we often express through sartorial mediums.

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A form of feminist clothing, solid slogan tees, is sort of becoming the ‘IT’ girl look for our young un’s and I am loving it. This has the making of everything I like…a good fabric, snug fit, and a literal statement-making style.

New girl Alaya F is somewhat of a feminist tee aficionado since this isn’t the first we have spotted her in. So is Sara Ali Khan, who seems to love living in slogan tees and running shorts rather than bodycon dresses and pants…we can relate. The fact of the matter is that you can wear these tees with anything and take them anywhere. They will always warrant a nod from fellow believers as well, which we all know is the key to sisterhood…mutual appreciation.

Let’s look at some of our picks, shall we?

Happy Shopping, ladies!

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