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5 Must-Have Fashion Essentials You Must Carry On Holiday

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Travelling is fun. Packing on the other hand isn’t! Especially when you have a weight allowance that tags along with you on your holiday. Although you want to pack all the fashion-forward looks you have in mind, in reality, you really can’t.

What do you carry? What do you leave out? What if you regret your choices? And what about your other stuff! Well, it’s really simple!

What you can do is carry essentials that work in a multipurpose manner. Maybe something you can take from day to night? That way you will just end up saving a lot of space and weight in your luggage.

When you go on holiday, put practicality first. For example, if you are touring around, DO NOT carry a pair of heels. No matter how comfy they are, when you spend an entire day in them, they will turn their back on you!

Similarly, make sure you put comfort first — which doesn’t mean you have to compromise entirely on style. Remember essentials are classic pieces for a reason, so you can totally style them the way you like.

And when travelling, you need to keep it light, so these pieces work perfectly in that sense also. If you’re going somewhere warm, here are 5 essentials that will be your trusty partners during the hot holiday!


You can never go wrong with a pair of shorts — denim or cotton. They hardly take up any space in your travel bag and can also be transformed from casual to formal with just one element.

For example, a pair of denim shorts works amazingly well with a t-shirt and sneakers if you’re chilling during the day. And if you’re headed for a night out, then swap up that tee for a dressy tank, strap on some flats, and you’re ready to go!

Denim does tend to chafe your thighs, unfortunately. So carry something of lighter fabric, such as lace or cotton that you can switch to, to let your skin breath.

Travel Essentials_Fashion_Hauterfly

Stalk Buy Love Merleen White Lace Shorts (Rs 699)

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Aeropostale Stone Washed Midi Fit Denim Shorts (Rs 1,725)



Cotton t-shirts are your trusty buddies when facing the heat and also, they’ll be your best bet when touring around the city and when relaxing. What’s even better is that if you pick an oversized t-shirt, you can wear that as a dress! There’s nothing as breezy as that.

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Kook N Keech Disney T-Shirt (Rs 909)

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Spring Break Slogan & Motif T-Shirt (Rs 750)



You can never go wrong with a simple, pop-coloured dress. A skater dress, for example, is one you can take from day to night instantly. Since you are on holiday, break the rules a little and go for a colour that isn’t your usual. Take a vacay from the normal you!

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Zara Bandeau Dress (Rs 1,790)

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Global Desi Off-Shoulder Dress with Ruffled Bodice (Rs 1,300)

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Spring Break Back-Tie Halter Skater Dress (Rs 990)



And by accessories, I don’t mean your chunky-ass jewellery, but minimalistic ones — the kind that will fit in a small pouch and you can wear with pretty much anything you choose. Make sure you take a pair of snazzy sunglasses and a scarf, as these will protect your eyes and skin from the sun.

The scarf also makes for a great shawl if the air conditioner starts to get to you during your journey.

H&M Cotton Scarf With Tassels (Rs 1,999)

David Blane Round Sunglasses (Rs 1,195)

H&M Patterned Hairband (Rs 499)


Put your comfortable foot forward during a holiday, because if your feet get cranky, so will you! Flats and sneakers are usually the best way to go and the great thing is that you can switch them up to fit any event in your itinerary. Remember when you are picking sandals, pick ones with ankle straps, as they will hold your feet in place during those long walks.

Besides that, they save tons of space in your suitcase and also look fab!

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Kook N Keech Sneakers (Rs 2,399)

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Ajio Beaded Sandals With Ankle Straps (Rs 780)


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