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#HauterflyLooksBack : Deepika Padukone’s Top 5 Fashion Moments From 2019 That Got Us Talking

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It’s true that time flies when you are not paying attention. So basically when I was in school, it went past so fast, it left burn marks in my head. I remember, just yesterday waking up with a head bursting hangover on Jan 1, thinking that “2019 is going to be my year!”. And while I managed to accomplish some goals this past year, the big ones are yet to be brought to fruition. Although that seems to be the case for a mere mortal like me, one Bollywood starlet seems to have checked off many pointers from her wish list. It was a great year for Deepika Padukone. The actress managed to win hearts with many strong performances and upped her fashion game to become one of the most fashionable stars in the country.

It hasn’t been all about smooth sailing though. The actress has had her fair share of hits and misses but she never broke her contagious grin through any of them. And even though we know that she has definitely saved some fireworks for the end, we wanted to count down the top 5 fashion moments from this year that got us talking and a-buzzing!

Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 1

The Red Carpet Ace

There wasn’t a single award ceremony this year where we were not waiting for Deepika to arrive in all her glory. The leggy beauty has perfected the art of making an impression on the carpet. Armed with big beautiful gowns, she is instantly a stand out in the silhouettes, colours, trends, and styles of gowns she picked this year. Her obsession with big gowns has paid off in the form of keeping people at a distance and quite literally taking up all the room on a carpet…with her being the only one in the spotlight. From the Alex Perry 007 collection gown at the Star Screen Awards 2019 to all of her appearances at MAMI, we were hooked. Fab!

Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 2

Yet Another Underwhelming Met Gala

Deepika Padukone wasn’t always DEEPIKA PADUKONE. The Padmavat stunner has had an equally cringe-worthy journey with fashion as other actresses who were famous before the “Instagram Era”. Her collaboration with ace stylist Shaleena Nathani has been so fun to watch, yet it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies all the time. One of Deepika’s biggest critiques has been that she tends to “play it safe”. She tends to not step out of her comfort zone and stick to the rule book, which got a bit boring after a while. This year’s Met Gala outfit was particularly called out given that the theme of ‘camp’ was not even given an iota of respect and the other attendees were so committed to it, including her peer Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 3

The Cannes Film Festival Redemption

The Cannes red carpet is a hallowed ground for fashion stars working in film. The festival draws the finest in cinema every year and they are all present in their sartorial best at the carpet. This is where Deepika managed to redeem herself and truly became what she was always meant to be…a global fashion personality. She made all the right moves with her glam on these nights and boy did we have a field day marvelling at them. From her Peter Dundas big bowed outfit to the neon vision that was the Giambattista Valli number…

Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 4

…Deepika stared the tulle revolution in Bollywood with these statement looks. There were people recreating her look from scratch and that’s when you know are you an influential figure in fashion!

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Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 5

Repurposing Her Shaadi Outfits

One of the highlights of Deepika’s year in fashion in 2018 was her wedding. The actress chose to break Bollywood tradition of elaborate designer outfits and instead got married in a saree gifted by her mother and some Sabaysachi signature looks that were hand-picked by the designer. She managed to maintain that streak this year as well when she wore a trousseau gifted saree by her in-laws for her anniversary trip to religious spots just last month. She also chose one of her Mehendi outfits from last year for a visit with Ranveer Singh to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Whoever said that wedding clothes can never be worn again needs a serious talking to from this duo!

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Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 7

The Risk Taker With Nothing To Lose

While the first half of the year belonged to Deepika warming up with riskier looks, the second half saw her play with them a bit more. She was picking unconventional designs rather than classic styles. I mean, if you are married to Ranveer Singh long enough, his flair is bound to rub off on you somehow. This year, we have loved watching her push the boundaries of fashion in Bollywood by paving her own way amongst her peers. Deepika’s fresh looks, whether they worked or not, have always been different. If it’s a veil here or a dramatic sleeve there, she stands out. And we love that about her. All the hits and misses work in her favour too because she has almost become untouchable at this point. One bad look can’t undo all the other gorgeous ones, and we are glad that’s the case!

Special Mentions…

Deepika’s Bazaar Feature

As a special mention, we would like to give a shout-out to Deepika Harper’s Bazaar US feature where she strutted down the lawns of picturesque English houses in ball gowns. And…

Hauterfly Deepika Padukone Fashion 9

Her New-Found Flamboyant Airport Style

…her dally into outrageous airpot fashion which is equal parts fun and well, loud!

Which Deepika do you like best? Let us know in the comments!


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