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Deepika Padukone Is A Sucker For Keeping Bridal Traditions And It’s Obvious With What She Wore For Her Anniversary

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If we had to list down every last bit of Indian wedding traditions on a piece of paper, the list would never end. There are so many bridal traditions that come out of every region of the country, it is fascinating to dive into them and explore them further. As a Bengali, I was introduced to so many at my sister’s nuptials. With a perfectionist mother, we made sure that each and every detail was right, including holding on to a live fish (wrapped in a towel, of course!) during one of the ceremonies.

One of the oldest bridal traditions that Indian women have kept up with for generations is the hand-me-down wedding saree. Desi moms have long held on to their bridal jodas for their daughters, in my case, for me since my sister didn’t want to wear peacock blue. Which, I am more than happy to wear it because it’s a beautiful Banarasi saree!

Turns out, some of our A-listers are a sucker for tradition too. Deepika Padukone, who is right now celebrating her one-year anniversary, chose to do it in a very conventional way. Joined by the always handsome Ranveer Singh, this time in gorgeous Nehru jackets, the duo visited temples of their respective faith, all while looking like a million bucks.

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What struck our fancy from their Tirupati visit was the stunning Banarasai saree Deepika was wearing, paired with opulent gold jewellery that made her look like a new bride all over again.  Turns out, this is the same saree that was gifted to her by her in-laws during one of their wedding rituals, as seen here in this adorable picture…

How charming is that! I am not that well-versed with many bridal traditions but know that the clothes gifted by the groom’s family are saved for special occasions just like these. This is especially fascinating since Deepika chose tradition over designer sarees for her wedding as well. Her gold and rust-brown Kanjeevaram was gifted by her mother, bought from a famous Bengaluru-based label Angadi Galleria. According to the designer who created Deepika’s saree, K Radharaman “Deepika was personally present and tried out the saris before her family and she completed the purchase. The design in question was not customised for Deepika, but is among the rarest and most exclusive of designs”.

In a feature for Vogue, we also discovered that “The sari worn for the traditional Konkani ceremony that took place in Lake Como took approximately 45 days and the sari worn at the Bengaluru reception took approximately 60 days to make. The Gandaberunda, a mythical two-headed bird seen on the orange sari, is symbolic of Deepika’s home state of Karnataka. The bird is part of Indian legend and folklore and represents prosperity and wisdom, namely material and spiritual wealth. It is a symbol of royalty and heritage and the fact that Deepika wore it for her wedding and chose a Bengaluru-based design label is a matter of pride to her home state” revealed Radharaman.

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After their Tirupati visit, the duo was seen attending the morning aarti at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Deepika was dressed head to toe in Sabyasachi’s regal creations. She paired her maroon embroidered kurta with dhoti pants, a nod to Ranveer’s Punjabi roots. The woman managed to look fabulous at 5 in the morning, what is her life even?

Deepika Padukone’s penchant for staying close to and celebrating her roots is so fascinating to us. It is the testament to her unshaken will to stay grounded never letting her fame get to her head. Heading out to temples to receive God’s blessings is something parents might have to force young couples to do today, given that they are too busy to plan the anniversary party. But these two do it so effortlessly, we wonder how!

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