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Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli’s Twinning Game Is So Fun. Now Only If We Could Find A Bae To Match Outfits With

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli just can’t help themselves! The couple is over in Birmingham right now for the ICC World Cup and dipped into their habit of wearing matching outfits. Both are fans of athleisure wear and love co-ordinating their outfits in some fashion. For a special England edition of their famous twinning game, they gave us co-ordinated white tee and black shorts ensembles and it’s super cool!

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Ahead of the #IndVsNZ game, the couple were spotted leaving their hotel, fresh faced and ready to take over town!

Anushka kept her ensemble casual chic with a pair of Saint Laurent shorts and a Stella McCartney t-shirt. She completed her with the ‘IT’ mini bag from Prada and shades from Roberi & Fraud. Seen mirroring her look just behind was Virat, who chose a similar outfit, right down to the matching white sneakers. We wonder, do they often shop together? We are also loving Anushka’s drenched shorter hair, did she get caught in those pesky showers?

This is not the first time Anushka and Virat absolutely smashed the twinning game. Couple twinning can sometimes look corny, but with just the right mix of clothes and accessories, it can be kept looking adorable. The many ways that Anushka and Virat manage to twin without being cringy is a fun investigation we undertook and here are the results!

Complementing Colours

It can get a bit much if you are in the same puffer jacket and bottoms! Virat and Anushka tend to play around colours, and keep them constant and matching, even if the individual pieces don’t.

Layers And Accessories

Pulling on the layers is something that both Virat and Anushka seem to be big fans of. They are also massive hoarders of shades, bags and sneakers, most of which are basics and will always match.

Their Many White Shirts

A quick look at Anushka’s wardrobe will reveal the many white tees and shirts she owns, all unique in their print, design, style and fit. Virat seems to share this obsession of a classic white shirt, a look they often sport together!

Mixing Genres

Virat loves himself his smart casuals. It is quite rare that he steps out dressed from head to toe, which can be a challenge since Anushka loves to glam out once in a while. How does she manage? A similar outfit, but more formal!

Twinning With Details

Anushka and Virat sure love to blur the rules of twinning. For instance, even in outfits that are poles apart, they managed to somehow complement each other in stripes. Now, that’s genius!

Going All Out

While we love all the fun ways these two find to match outfits, it is their uninhibited and all-out twinning moments what we really crave. Black is a versatile colour, yes, but it also helps you to match with bae with zero effort, and that’s fantastic. Like this instance, when they managed to match the colours to the T while in Georgetown:

What are your favourite Virat and Anushka matchy-matchy moments? Let us know!


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