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Anushka Sharma’s Latest Shoot Has Her Overly Photoshopped. She’s Gorgeous As Is! Why Is This Still Happening?

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In the age where beauty and fashion brands all over the world are prioritising body positivity, how is extreme photo editing still a thing? Many magazines are changing their mandate of putting heavily Photoshopped or retouched pictures on their covers. Some international publications like Allure and Dazed have even put makeup-free fresh faces on their covers and they are beautiful. Which makes us wonder, why are seemingly perfect celebs back home, like Anushka Sharma, being Photoshopped to insane lengths for their magazine shoots?

Anushka is the cover star for Filmfare magazine’s August issue and it’s creating buzz for the wrong reasons.

While the spread features Anushka in an urban setting, one shot, in particular, has been called out for excessive touch-ups. The shot has Anushka posing on a lawn chair, a picture that was clearly handed to an over-enthusiastic editor because her jawline looks sharp enough to cut through ice but also looks unnaturally long. While we can spot other small “fixes” that have been made on the picture, this one stands out like a sore thumb!

Called out by Netizens and fashion watchdogs Diet Sabya, this badly done edit job is clearly not acceptable. There have also been speculations about who signs off on such photoshopped images…the celeb or the magazine. Our bet will be the magazine. Why? This is Anushka on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in September 2018…

The actress can be seen in her elemental form here and guess what, it’s still drop-dead gorgeous. As for Filmfare, we weren’t happy with their cover shoot with Sonam Kapoor last month either:

Photoshopped? Maybe. Touched-up to extreme lengths that it hardly even looks like her? Yes!

Most of us can be held responsible for editing our pictures at one point or another. Whether it’s a harmless Instagram filter to make our pictures more aesthetic, or one of the silly dog filters from Snapchat to cover up a lip zit once a while, we have all been guilty of making ourselves look like a better version of ourselves. But it’s still us.

But our pictures are not being seen by millions of impressionable young girls who might get the wrong message from these shots. Back in 2016, we had Priyanka Chopra Jonas being attacked for her whitened underarms on the cover of Maxim India…

…to which she responded with a picture of her unedited pits…

Clearly, celebrities do not support this habit of over editing their images. Then why are certain publications still doing it?

We think it’s time for popular magazines to break free of their rut and embrace the new, which is portraying women as they are .flaws and all! Trust us, we can handle it.


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