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5 Sustainable, Indian Fashion Brands That You Need To Support RN

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The fashion industry has been accused of being one of the most polluting industries in the world. Considering, the amount of waste generated in fast fashion, we are not surprised. Of course, we can’t blame the brands solely for churning out collection after collection. We, the consumers, are equally at fault. We want the latest in fashion when it comes out and then dispose of when the trend is done with. Every month we are on a hunt to get the latest Zara top from their bi-monthly collection or marvel at a super affordable dress from H&M. The old stuff basically creates waste, affecting the planet and how we live.

We may think it doesn’t matter, a pair of denim shorts never hurt anybody but our obsession with buying A LOT and too quickly is hurting the industry… and the planet. That is why we are seeing more brands taking the sustainable route. The love for sustainable brands in fashion is equally being shared by celebrities, influencers and industry people as well.

This has in turn given birth to many labels who work with a mindful approach towards the production and distribution of clothes. These brands are being responsible with their line, designs and stories. Although going green in fashion will cost us more, in the long run, this is the way forward.

Here are some sustainable brands that we are loving right now. They are all summer lovin’ and fun!

The Burnt Soul

We are looking at this brand for all our light summer-y outfits. Shift and maxi dresses, overlay jackets, tops, kurtas, bell sleeves, collared shirt, and frilled cuffs, theirs is a varied and fun collection. The brand prides itself for doing everything from scratch, which is exciting for people who like to know where their clothes come from.

No Nasties

A brainchild of highly skilled founders trained in creating fashion sustainably, No Nasties is one of the coolest new brands that’s gaining traction. They source their raw materials from local farmers who know the land. Involved with many organisations that promote ethical fashion, the brand’s ultra-hip bohemian vibe screams fun. Did we mention they have vegan clothing as well?


Sustainable fashion has the reputation of being unimaginative with their straight silhouettes. A brand that was first in the scene to break that perception, Doodlage is the wholesome street style we’ve always wanted. The modern designs and pieces make them especially exciting for the millennial generation.

Nicobar By Good Earth

This one brand has made a LOT of appearances with celebs flaunting pieces from the brand, especially at the airport. From Kangana Ranaut to Anushka Sharma, seems like everyone has one of their many kurtas stowed away for travel days. Why? Their fabric is divine and look, beautiful. Our skin is especially going to love the rich feel of their clothes this summer!


With the idea of building a holistic brand, Upasana has a line of clothes that are unique and pretty. Their wellness clothing is infused with minerals, they use organic cotton in all other merchandise, these guys are really rooting for our planet.


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